Two Pit Bulls Sitting in Halloween CostumesWhen it comes to holidays, our customers tend to board their dogs over the biggest travel holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, boarding a dog on Halloween seems to rarely cross anyone’s mind. Halloween can be a nightmare for dogs. You might be thinking, “What? But Halloween is so fun! There’s fun costumes. We get to dress up the dog. We give out candy. It’s such a fun family time! Why would we board our dog on Halloween?”

Honestly, Halloween is one of the most challenging days of the year for your dog, right behind the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. On Halloween, strangers are coming to the door all throughout the night and stimulating smells are everywhere. They might be forced to wear costumes if their owner decides they are going to play dress up with their dog. (Side note: Though costumes look super cute on dogs, most don’t really love that, so make it quick, okay?)

This Halloween, we want to highlight four main reasons why you should consider boarding your dog at DogBoy’s, so you can both enjoy this night of trick or treating with peace of mind.

1. Halloween is very stressful for your dog.

Imagine that you are a dog and you believe that your job is to protect your owner’s home. One night, out of the blue, the doorbell starts ringing constantly, and there is a knock at the door every five minutes. Every time your people open the door, little people in costumes are yelling out words you don’t understand and the costumes smell really funny. To top that off, your owner is giving stuff away to these loud strange looking tiny people. Sounds a little confusing, right?

Halloween can really stress your dog out.  It’s out of their normal routine, and they don’t quite know what to do. They are being sent mixed messages. Normally, they protect the home from intruders. Now, their owner is not only welcoming these weird-looking strangers at the door, but giving them candy too!

2. Dogs can and will get sick from Halloween candy.

Chocolate Vs. Xylitol : The danger of sugar-free sweeteners to dogsPeople love candy. Some dogs love it too, BUT dogs should never eat candy. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can be toxic to dogs. Some candies and sugar-free gum have xylitol in it. Xylitol, which poses virtually no threat to humans, can be toxic, and in some cases, deadly to dogs.

Generally, people are careful about not letting their dogs get into the candy they hand out to trick or treaters, but inevitably, every Halloween dogs all over the US get into candy and get sick. That sickness, if it’s not deadly, can turn into a great puddle of yuck all over your carpet or an unexpected trip to the vet. Additionally, other human sweets- like suckers on a stick or hard candies wrapped in plastic – may be a choking hazard for dogs. So, why take the risk? Keep your dog away from the candy.

3. Trick-or-treaters can increase problem behaviors at your front door.

Giving your dog the opportunity to bark over and over at the door every time a stranger who rings the doorbell comes to visit, reinforces unwanted behavior in your pet. From your point of view, you open the door, give the kids candy and they go away. Your dog is observing that every time they bark at the door the stranger goes away. They are not making the correlation that the strangers are actually leaving because their owner is giving out candy.

This reinforces the behavior, because to them they are successfully protecting the home. You don’t really want to reinforce that behavior because that just encourages your dog to bark every time anyone is at the door, Halloween or not.

4. Having your dog at home on Halloween increases your stress too.

On the flipside, you can get stressed out because your dog is either locked in another room barking, or charging at the front door until you open it. So, naturally, as a dog lover and owner you get worried about your dog either being scared, overstimulated, getting into the candy, or scaring the children. Bottom line, you are just worried about your dog. Period.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! You could bring your dog to DogBoy’s October 30 or Halloween morning. This way your dogs can can be in a safe environment and they can relax and have fun playing with other dogs during the day, and then sleep soundly all night. And to your dog, it’s like a mini-vacation. There are absolutely no trick-or-treaters, because we are on a dead-end street. No doorbell ringing. No toxic candy. No stress for you.

Your dog can have a great time, and you can have a wonderful Halloween, giving out candy or trick or treating with your family. Happy Halloween everyone!



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Two Pit Bulls in Costume by Petful

Chocolate vs. Xylitol by Preventive Vet sourced from this article