5 Easy Ways To Prep Your Puppy For The Real Big World


This puppy wants to go outside as soon as possible!You just got your brand new puppy, and you’re dying to show them off. Good news! Your puppy is excited too! They are curious about their new world and ready to explore. However, we all know the “real world” can be a dangerous place for a new puppy.

Here’s our guide for making your puppy’s big debut to the outside world memorable, rewarding, and safe.

You Don’t Have To Wait Until They Have All Their Shots

Yes, you read that correctly. If you wait until puppies have all their shots administered before taking them out then you’ve missed critical socialization time. If your puppy isn’t properly socialized then they can have:

  • Excessive Fear
  • Avoidance
  • Withdrawal
  • Anxiety
  • Reactivity

According to the AVSBA, behavioral issues are the leading cause of death in dogs under 3 years old. Poorly socialized puppies often end up in shelters and are euthanized.

However, the socialization window occurs when your puppy is most susceptible to infection. You need to be careful and keep them away from dangerous areas. Puppy classes and in-home visits are safe ways to socialize your puppy. You need to wait until they’ve had at least 1-2 rounds of boosters to take them out in the general public.

Don’t Throw Them To The “Wolves” At A Dog Park!

This puppy is worried about playing outside with larger dogs.The dog park is not a place to take a brand new puppy. Many of the larger dogs have what’s called a prey drive, which is especially dangerous at an off-leash dog park. These dogs can easily mistake small puppies for bunnies instead of fellow canines. You need to be especially cautious if your dog is:

  • White-furred
  • Fluffy
  • Under 20 lbs.

There are some public parks that have small dog areas that are safer to take puppies to. If you are making plans to go to a specific dog park with your puppy, make sure it has one of these areas. You do NOT want your puppy mixing with larger dogs.

Take Them To Dog-Friendly Establishments, But Be Prepared…

Places like The Domain have stores that accept dogs inside and out, or have patios for dogs to just hang out while you eat a meal. You can take your puppy for a (leashed!) stroll around Home Depot or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Unlike most places, they’ll get a treat or praise instead of a swift rejection.

Puppies are going to have accidents, inside and outside. If you’re going to take your dog out, make sure that they’re well-behaved and that you’re prepared to clean up their messes. If you’re worried about accidents then keep the visits short and take them to potty before and after entry.  

Neighborhood Walks With Your Puppy Are Great, But Be Wary…

Walking in your neighborhood is a great way to exercise and socialize your puppy. However, you need to watch for a dog that’s either off leash, running towards your puppy or just larger dogs in general. These dogs are all serious threats to your puppy.

Even if they’re well-intentioned, larger dogs can accidentally harm puppies, so it’s better to play it safe. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up my puppy if I felt threatened enough. However, be careful picking up a puppy. Done on a regular basis, this could backfire. There’s a chance they could grow up and give more attitude towards other dogs because they feel bigger and badder with you backing them up.

Puppies need to get outside! Bring yours to DogBoy's for some fun and rewarding play.Come To DogBoy’s Puppy Academy!

Getting your puppy started with socialization and training can begin ealier than you probably think. At DogBoy’s we have our incredible Puppy Academy, where your dogs can have:

  • Engaging daycare
  • Scheduled training sessions
  • Monitored playtime
  • Healthy interaction with other puppies
  • A super fun time!

This gives them safe and carefully monitored socialization to get used to other dogs, and makes them comfortable with new locations.

We want every puppy to have a healthy and safe environment while they learn the ways of the world. If you just got a new puppy or are getting one soon, then contact us today to learn more about our puppy programs and how they can benefit your dog.

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