The Mighty Texas Dog Walk – April 7


mighty texas dog walkWe at DogBoy’s are super excited to be a sponsor for one of the most amazing canine events ever! Join us at Auditorium Shores on Saturday, April 7th as we participate in the incredible, magnificent, over-the-top, doggy-fun-filled 14th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk beginning at 9 am until 2 pm. The sheer magnitude of this event is unbelievable! You have to see it to believe it. Download a schedule of events by clicking HERE and be amazed by the fun in store for you and your precious pup.

All proceeds for The Mighty Texas Dog Walk go to the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, a noble organization making a difference in countless lives of others by training dogs to assist Texans living with hearing or mobility challenges. They’re famous for helping strays become stars! We at DogBoy’s consider it a high honor to support the fine work the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs are doing. We’re proud to partner with them and others to make this year’s 14th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk a world record breaker!

That’s right – a record breaker. You see, by registering a passel of dogs to walk around Auditorium Shores on April 7th we Texans earn big-time Guinness Book of World Records bragging rights for the “World’s Largest Dog Walk”. (And you know how important bragging rights are to us Texans. Oh, yeah.) The Brits currently own the record with 17,427 dogs prancing about.  Not for long, blokes. Not for long.

In addition to setting a Guinness Book attendance record, there are other world record setting categories to participate in, as well. At 12:00, there’s the world’s biggest fur ball competition, a fuzzy event is sponsored by Mud Puppies. At 12:30 join us for a record breaking attempt to have the most dogs wearing the same bandana at one time contest, a swanky event sponsored by Petco. Lastly, at 1:00, help us set the world’s record for the largest number of dogs sitting at one time, a kicked-back event sponsored by Sublime Canines. As you can see, we’re partnering with an amazing cast in efforts to make this year’s Mighty Texas Dog Walk the best yet!

But as far as we’re concerned, the most important members of the supporting cast are you and your dog. Join us, won’t you? Come on out to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. You’ll be so glad that you did. And when you do, stop by our booth. Some of the DogBoy’s crew will have a nice cool bottle of DogBoy’s water and a delicious banana there a-waiting for you.

Hope to see you there!


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