Dog Food Danger?

Let’s begin this post with a story about a well-meaning, yet uninformed client who thought she was buying the best food for her pup.  It’s true that she was buying the most expensive kibble on the HEB shelves. But the best? The healthiest? Not in the least. In fact, the food she was buying was actually deadly.

As it goes for most dog-lovers, without warning or planning, a loving pup unsuspectedly warmed its way into this client’s life. Their initial contact was truly love at first sight. Now what?

Said client confessed that she knew little about dog care and/or dog training. In an effort to learn what to do, she registered in our Canine Good Citizen class. As sessions proceeded, while the two were working hard to establish a positive working relationship, her good-natured pup seemed overly distracted, unfocused, and ‘silly’ during class sessions. In short, he was acting like a lovable, wiggly goof ball. Cute? Yes. Obedient? Responsive to training? Well behaved? No.

When our trainer inquired what she was feeding her dog, our now frustrated client answered, “The best they have at HEB. The top of the line.” To this, our trainer shook her head and said, “Eating that food is like eating Taco Bell every day. How would you feel if you ate Taco Bell for every meal every single day of your life? Pretty rotten, right?” Our client promptly agreed and asked for nutritional guidance of which our knowledgeable trainer was most eager to give. For you see, we at DogBoy’s know that there is better way to feed and care for your dog and we’re committed to spreading the word.

Our client threw away that expensive, “top-of-the-line” HEB dog food, followed our trainer’s advice and purchased the suggested all-natural brand. Amazingly, within a matter of a few days, her dog’s behavior calmed down. (Not into a zen-like trance, mind you. Simply more calm.) Soon the pup became more responsive to training commands. And, as a bonus, he began shedding less and the consistency of his stools improved. (He still has that lovable ‘silliness’ about him. It’s hard-wired in his DNA. It’s what makes him special.) The pup settled down enough to pass DogBoy’s Canine Good Citizen test. Success!

From time to time, in this blog, we will further address the serious nature of canine nutrition more closely. However, if you have the nerve or the inclination, Google “What’s really in dog food.” Beware. You’ll discover shocking link after shocking link loaded with dangerous warnings. And to think that some well-known manufacturers willingly sell these products every single day! Born Free USA states, “Given the types of things manufacturers put in pet food, it is not surprising that bad things sometimes happen. Ingredients used in pet food are often highly contaminated with a wide variety of toxic substances.” It’s no wonder our client’s pup had the Taco Bell shimmies!

For now, if you have any question about the quality of food you’re giving your pup, ask us. We at DogBoy’s live to help. Like in the case of our client and her rambunctious pup, we love to play a guiding role in success stories such as theirs.


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