It’s a Dog Party! DogBoy’s Dog Park Open House


 Dog Park Open HouseYou have been patiently waiting for a long time…and we are so grateful!  Noodle and I are SO EXCITED to invite you to our Dog Party!

What:   DogBoy’s Private Dog Park Open House
It’s a place where dogs can run and play and swim, with other dogs who like to run and play and swim!  We have acres of beautiful rolling prairie with a pond for swimming – so BRING A TOWEL!

Where:  DogBoy’s Private Dog Park
(behind our Training & Wellness Center, on the back of the property)

When:   Saturday, February 25th, Come anytime between 10 am – 2 pm

Why:     Benefiting the Austin Humane Society
Raffle tickets will be for sale to win a 2012 Mazda Miata!


  • A friend and win a Gift Certificate for future use!
  • A towel (or two!)
  • Your friendly dog(s) with collars & tags
  • a blanket or chair (only if you NEED to be able to sit – we prefer you to be moving around and having fun with your dog!) 
  • NO FOOD, please.  Cold water will be provided.

We will have poop stations, kiddie pools, and lots of cool water to drink.  Kids under 6 must have dedicated adult supervision.

Parking: Park on the grass inside DogBoy’s Main Entrance.  You will see signs for special event parking.

What is DogBoy’s Private Dog Park?

Starting March 1st, DogBoy’s Private Dog Park will be open to clients and their dogs only, who have been evaluated and given a behavioral card color designation. Click here for details on our Card Color Policy.  Reservations and/or Dog Park Memberships will be required.  So by coming to the open house on 2/25, you’ll be getting a sneak peak!

So it’s not FREE?  There are dog parks all over town that are free.  Why would I pay to go to a dog park?

The Open House is absolutely free.  And it’s true – there ARE dog parks all over town that are free, like Bull Creek, Red Bud Isle, even Pflugerville has a couple now!  The difference between those parks and DogBoy’s Private Dog Park is that at DogBoy’s, your dog will be playing with other dogs who have all been evaluated – and given a GREEN Card color designation.  This means that they are generally good with lots of other kinds of dogs.  This also means you are at a park with a more controlled dog population, and your dog is at a much lower risk for problems with other dogs.  Of course, there is a risk anytime you take your dog to a dog park, but wouldn’t you like to have more control over who is there when you visit?

If your dog is not great with other dogs, or only good with specific kinds of dogs (i.e. has an Orange or Red card designation from DogBoy’s), you can make private reservations during the week for your dogs and/or your friends’ dogs (who you know your dog likes), so they can play in a safe, fenced in area, with no risk of interaction with dogs you don’t know.  If you bring your friend and your friends dogs for a private reservation, they don’t have to be a current customer.  We think there is value in all these differences, and we hope you’ll think so too.

Owners of Green card dogs can purchase monthly dog park memberships ($30/month per family), and with those memberships will be allowed to visit any Saturday or Sunday from 9-6.  Additionally private reservations can also be made during the week from 3pm till dark.

Owners of Orange and Red card dogs can make private reservations on weekday afternoons for as little as $10 for your family of dogs.  Group rates are available.  You will have the park all to your self from 3 pm till dark!

If your dog has not yet been evaluated for a color card designation, we can take care of that evaluation during a day of day care.  Call our office or email us for details on getting evaluated.

All the details about the dog park pricing and rules can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you!!  If you have any questions about the dog park, just email

Photo by Norah Levine Photography


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