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Many of you know Pancake, our orange tabby barn cat. He’s very friendly and loves attention. And many of you have been surprised to see him in the office the last few months. What’s going on? Has Pancake retired from the barn to become an office cat?

For some time, there have been tell-tale signs that something was going on with Pancake’s health. His lip would swell sometimes, with what looked like insect bites, and they always seemed to go away. More serious were recurrent infections in Pancake’s paw that never seemed to fully heal. We here at DogBoy’s were concerned, and many of our great customers were concerned for him as well. We were worried it was something serious.

Finally we got a diagnosis: feline eosinophilic granuloma complex. Quite a mouthful! But what is it? Basically, it causes the growth of skin lesions in a cat’s mouth, feet, stomach, or other areas on its body. No one really knows what causes it; one theory is that allergies set off an immune response that goes awry. There is also some evidence that eosinophilic granuloma complex is genetic. And in Pancake’s case, the fact that he had a lesion on his paw made him more prone to getting infections in the affected foot.

The good news is that for most cats, this disease is manageable and there are a range of treatment options available. As Pancake recovers and gets back to his usual mischevious self, we will be consulting with our vets to determine what the next step will be. And whether he returns to the outdoors permanently to keep our other barn cat, Callie, company or embarks on another great adventure we here at DogBoy’s will make sure that Pancake is happy, healthy, and very well-loved. In the meantime, feel free to give him some attention. But watch out–if he’s feeling frisky he may try to nip you!

Update: Dr. Todd Riggan and the staff at White Rock Veterinary Hospital have given Pancake the go-ahead to return to the great outdoors. While he still loves to visit the office, he is happy to be free again!


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