DogBoy’s Easter Goodies


DogBoy's EasterRise and shine, Bunny Lover!

This weekend is filled with special goodies for you, and for Mother Earth too!

The Office front garden is planted with Easter Eggs, each filled with a special treat just for you.  Pick one to find out what you win!

Also today in honor of Earth Day, DogBoy’s will be donating 5% of your purchases to 6 non-profits committed to protecting the environment.  Visit AustinGive5.comfor more information on how you can help.

Just a reminder, DogBoy’s will be closed Easter Sunday to customers, but our kennel staff will still be here taking excellent care of your pups.

Easter Weekend Tips to remember:

  • Keep your dog away from the chocolate – it can be poisonous to them, or at the least cause a lot of digestive upset.
  • Boiled eggs (even colored) are fine, shell and all.  Just make sure they are fresh.  Break them up for the little pups.  If you hide one, make sure your dog finds it!
  • Keep Easter grass and cellophane wrappers out of reach of dogs – they can cause intestinal blockage (and I know you don’t want to spend your holiday in the animal ER!).
  • Easter Lillies can be toxic, especially to cats, so keep them up high.
  • Finally, artificial sweeteners like Xylitol (found in many sugar-free candies) are poisonous to dogs, so keep those Easter baskets up high, and out of paw’s reach.

Have a safe and hoppy Holiday, everyone!




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