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Recently, I asked you to submit your testimonials.  I was overwhelmed with heartwarming letters and thank you’s all over the web.  I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks!  Without a doubt, our cup runneth over, so I felt it only appropriate to share some of them with you.


Our dog Moab is such an important part of our family and the only place we trust to board him is Dog Boys.  His is now 6 and has been going to DogBoy’s since he was 6 months old.  He gets so excited as we turn onto the street to enter into DogBoy’s and is always a happy and tired pup when we pick him up.  The staff  is wonderful and we love that the animals get to play outside all day long.   Thank you DogBoy’s for providing such a wonderful service to allow us to feel comfortable leaving our best buddy with you.

Nikki McCormick


Confessions of a Training Junkie

“Yes, I must admit it, I just can’t seem to let a “semester” go by without taking another training class at Dog Boys Dog Ranch! As one class draws to a close, I eagerly scan the website for new postings and opportunities to bond and train with my dogs. We’ve taken puppy classes, basic and advanced obedience, and fun classes like agility and rally-obedience. When I jokingly told the director of training that I was running out of classes, I promptly found fresh offerings to consider. They LISTEN at Dog Boys! I drive 40 minutes each way to go to Dog Boys because I believe there is no better place to take my “kids”, whether for training, overnight boarding, or day care. Go Dog Boys!”

– Carole Cameron (Bear, Koko, Dakota, and Mika too)


My husband and I are so thankful that we discovered DogBoy’s!  Our two dogs have stayed there many times, either for just a night or two or as long as nine days.  We always know that we can be at ease while out of town, because our dogs are so well cared for.  The farm-like setting of DogBoy’s is awesome.  It allows for the dogs to get great exercise, and we really enjoy getting the briefing from the great staff on the dogs’ activities and behavior when we pick them up.  I have recommended DogBoy’s to all of my dog-loving friends and co-workers without hesitation and will continue to do so.

Thank you DogBoy’s for all you do,

Hollee and Dwayne Ganner


I was introduced to the DogBoy world view by a friend and your place and staff are everything she described – and more.  Because you are even better in person!

I am so happy that I can look forward to my vacations and times I need to travel because I know Karmo has a home away from home.  He is always excited when we turn down the road to your place and comes back to me happy happy happy!  Even though I usually have to bring him in an extra day or two because I live in Fredericksburg, I never worry about him getting attention and love.

Thanks for all you do,

Gaylen Tips


I love DogBoy’s and how they are able to keep my dog socialized.  I am not in a position to get another dog to train her to be around but I do like to keep her around other dogs.  DogBoy’s is the place!  They have playgroups that really tire the pups.  I love picking Tootsie up after a play day or boarding and having a “sleeping baby” the rest of the evening!  Sometimes the whole next day too.  Being in an agility class with Noodle was pretty great too!

Mona Corbett


And finally…

My golden retriever puppy, Murphy, had a hard time finding friendly dogs to play with.  A helpful dog owner that lives near me told me about DogBoy’s, and I made a reservation right away.  It gave him a chance to make some friends, and get that social interaction that is so important. I have not yet boarded Murphy overnight, but he has had many wonderful playdays, and I always mention how much Murphy loves to come to DogBoy’s when I meet other dog owners.

Deborah Thompson


You can find more great testimonials on our Facebook Notes Page.  Thank you, thank you for all the kudos, and we will continue to work hard to earn your praises!