Here at DogBoy’s, we take dog whispering to a whole new level. Not only do our own dogs come, sit and stay (well…most of the time), they each told me their goals for 2011. Be sure to visit our biography page for photos! Without further ado, here are our pets’ resolutions for the coming year:

Graham Robison: I want to do more than just lay around under a sage bush all day in playgroup.

Dottie Slaughter: I want to make new friends and not be such a mama’s girl!

Tessa Emken: I want to cut down on eating sticks of butter that the kids leave on the counter. My vet says it’s bad for my cholesterol.

Jack “Mooper” Mundy: I want to stop helping mom clean out the litterbox. If you know what I mean.

Max Semple: I want to be braver when my big brother Ralphie isn’t around.

Murphy Andrews: I want to try to stop getting breakfast tacos based on my good looks.

Hoosier Robison: I want to give Mikey, my two-legged housemate, more kisses (easy); I want to stop accidentally flipping the switch on the power strip under the desk and turning off the computer while dad’s in the middle of a game of Civilization V (hard).

Oliver Porter: I want to stop chasing cars!

Mika Olczak: I want to treat my brother, CK the cat, more politely, even though his loud meows make me think he really likes getting rolled onto his back. Also, I want to take the stairs more slowly—tripping up them at full speed really hurts!

Noodle Emken: I want to be more polite to the visitors at my house. And to help DogGirl come up with more great Nuggets in 2011.

Cajun Slaughter: I want to stop trying to break through gates with my big head!

Sadie Korpi: I want to create a bucket list in 2011 that includes meeting my children, swimming where I can’t touch and becoming a calendar girl.

Ralphie Semple: I’m going to be more polite to strangers.

Gib Andrews: I’m going to stop fighting with dogs on the other side of the fence. Unless they start it. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Rebel Emken: I want to get off the couch and run with the bike.  Oh yeah, and I want to get better about coming inside when I’m out in the front yard!

Tyler Porter: I want to cut back on stolen table scraps.

Telo Slaughter: I want to travel more with mom.

Brownie Webber: I will try not to chase my housemate kitty Elise around the apartment anymore.

Zoe Korpi: I hope to see the world in more than just black, white and ham.

Pancake Barncat: I will stop leaving “presents” in the flower bed in front of the office. Also, I will find a better napping spot in the office than the out tray on the desk.

From the DogBoy’s family–two- and four-legged–to yours, all the best for a great 2011!