Pancake the DogBoy’s Cat


From the time people first visit DogBoy’s, they hear the term “staff dog”. That is, dogs that belong to members of the DogBoy’s staff. Some of them even have jobs, at least unofficially; Rebecca Andrews‘ dog Murphy is a go-to canine to meet and greet new dogs on their evaluation day, and he’s given more than his share of agility demonstrations. My dog Hoosier–much to my surprise– is sometimes drafted to be an adult role model for puppies.

Some of you may have noticed a couple of cats hanging around the front office from time to time, or even in the office itself. Particularly a sassy orange tabby. Is DogBoy’s taking cats now? No, we’ve got no plans to turn into CatBoy’s. Pancake the orange tabby (and his older and shyer partner, Calli the calico) have jobs here at the ranch.

As you might imagine, being a little bit out in the country means we have to deal with mice. With warm buildings and lots of food–mice, it turns out, LOVE kibble–we are a field mouse utopia. Mice are destructive but an even bigger problem can be some of their predators. Particularly rattlesnakes. After some thought and debate, DogBoy and DogGirl decided to adopt a few cats to live in our barn and hunt mice.

Pancake, though, is a very social co-worker. He loves to come visit the office, get petted and even nibble fingers if you’ll let him. He’s a great barn cat, but he would much rather be an office cat and does his best to be good company–when he’s not trying to open bags of dog food or make other kitten mischief.

So if you see an orange tabby cat on the front porch meowing for attention, it’s not a stray. It’s just Pancake, saying hello.


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