DogBoy's Salutes our Veterans

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Today is Veteran’s Day. On November 11, 1918 at 11:11 am, World War I ended. What started as Armistice Day in the United States has since become a day to remember the service of the men and women of our armed forces, past and present. And we especially want to recognize our customers who have served.

Paula Juba, whose dog Missy is a daycare regular, served in the Army from 1984-1992:

“I can’t compare my service in the 1980s with the sacrifices made by soldiers today. But I will say that it was wonderful bringing my dog, Sara, from NY to Germany, & realizing that she was welcome in hotels, restaurants, & private homes. When I traveled by train or flew on intra-European flights, I merely bought a child’s ticket, & she sat beside me. I had no problem renting a house. In fact, my landlords said that Sara did far less damage than most children. Americans don’t have a very good reputation with respect to the treatment of animals, so Sara & I were ambassadors.

Hats off to the current crop of soldiers who go to extraordinary lengths, often risking their careers, to rescue loyal local translators & canine companions from Iraq & Afghanistan.  Their contributions towards the welfare of people, as well as animals, may go unnoticed by most, but they mean the world to people they touch.”

Paula is just one of our great customers who have served, and we salute them all. And we also want to recognize a member of the DogBoy’s family who will be going into the armed forces this summer.

Chris Rivera is committed to his company and his country.

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Chris Rivera has been a member of our kennel staff for several years and will be off to boot camp shortly after graduation this year. We wish him the best on this great adventure.

There are also many great programs to connect dogs and vets. In one of his first acts as a U.S. Senator, Al Franken funded a program to pair severely injured vets with service dogs. There’s also a great program called Pets for Vets, which rescues shelter dogs and pairs them with returning veterans. And if you think your dog has the stuff to become a therapy dog, you can always visit an area VA hospital after they’re certified.

Last–and certainly not least–we want to remember the dogs who have served their country. Dogs and the military go back thousands of years. The Roman Molossian dog, ancestor to breeds from the Rottweiler to the bull mastiff, helped haul loads at Roman military camps and fought beside the legions in battle. In the military today dogs serve in security, search and rescue, and perhaps most importantly in the age of the roadside bomb, helping discover hidden explosives.

On this Veteran’s Day, DogBoy’s salutes them all!