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Recently, I got my first opportunity to fly First Class on an airline (my first time ever!). The seats were bigger and more comfortable, the drinks wee free, the meal was healthy, high quality food, and the staff was friendly and oh-so helpful. The best thing was, because of the circumstances, we didn’t have to pay extra for it. We didn’t even have to pay extra for our luggage. What a treat!

All this extra special treatment reminded me of the excellent care and special treatment we provide for each and every dog who comes to DogBoy’s Dog Ranch. Yes, we provide a warm, safe bed for every visitor. Yes, we provide healthy meals, accommodate special diets, and give medications free of charge. And yes, we provide hours and hours of exercise and playtime daily (again, free of charge). But you already know all these things!

Here are some things you may not know:

Training clients often get fresh baked goods after their first class.  Mmm-mmm.

Expectant parents can plan a tentative boarding stay for their pets – and we’re happy to take those pups last minute if the new baby doesn’t come exactly when expected.

New parents who board during the birth of their child get a free bath and nail trim for each pup who stays.

Clients who lose a loved one get a discount off their boarding stay when they travel to the funeral.

On the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve,our Kennel Manager stays late and hosts a dog party to distract those pups who are sound sensitive.  (FYI: Many dogs do NOT like fireworks!)

On Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when DogBoy &  family are in town, we take in a handful of extra dogs and bring the senior dogs to their home for some extra special TLC (air matresses and football, yeehaw!).

Our long term boarders sometimes get a little stir crazy.  With their owners permission, staff members will occasionally take the pups home for a little hang time.  Hello couches and ceiling fans!  What?  Is that a home cooked meal?


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