Just three weeks ago, I spoke to a regional group from the PCSA about social networking – I told them that they should update their own blogs every couple of days, with a minimum of weekly.  I wish I would listen to my own advice!

barn-forkliftOur Training & Wellness Center (fondly nicknamed The Playhouse) is going up so quickly, that every time I take a picture of it, it changes before I can even post the news to you!  We are so pleased with the way it is coming.

We even snuck in a little class on a drizzly day – super cool!

1st ClassThis week, I am headed to Orlando, FL for my first official Board of Directors meeting, and the annual PCSA Fall Convention & Expo – I’m sure my head will be spinning in less than a week!  From there, I will head to the NY Sheep & Wool Fest to visit friends and family and shop for yarn till I drop (my other love).  I am really looking forward to the trip and will hopefully report to you while I’m gone.

Until then, can I just say how much I love my job?  Each time I am in the office, I meet a client who professes their love for DogBoy’s, and I get to love on their dog while we chat about their lives, their kids, and their favorite things to do with their furry best friends.  If I had less work to do, I could just sit in the office all day and chat with customers.  It’s my absolute favorite part of what I do.  Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!