Cedar the Superhero


Cedar is a sweet mutt who used to be mine. We found him as a puppy near Lake Travis and knew he was starving. We brought him home and he made sure to never go hungry again.

Four or five years into his life, my best friend was visiting from out of town. She was going through some very troubled times and needed some comfort. She found that comfort in Cedar. She threatened to take my dog home. I told her not to threaten me. I had five dogs and would be fine with only four! As the weekend progressed, I knew what I wanted to do.

I told her to take Cedar home. If things didn’t work out, she could always bring him back. I was sure he’d only be gone a few weeks. But weeks turned into months, and every time I spoke to my friend she told me how happy Cedar made her and how much he was loved by her kiddos. Cedar didn’t have to share any of the resources with any other dogs. Everyone’s love was all for him. It was a match made in Heaven.

Years later, Cedar continues to serve his purpose. He is companion, protector, school crossing guard, exercising buddy, and unconditional lover of his new family. When I get the opportunity to see with him, he’s so happy that I’m just another visitor to him. He loves us, but he has a new forever home. And he’s still making my friend’s life better every day. Cedar the superhero dog strikes again! What a gift he is to all of us.


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