sunny dogSunny days are the best, especially when you’re an active pup living it up at DogBoy’s in doggie daycare.  However, dogs are prone to heat stress. Here at the ranch want you to know that we keep a close watch on our furry friends, especially when the temperature rises. While Fido stays with us, his welfare is critical and our utmost concern. We want him to be healthy and happy while at DogBoy’s and when he wags his tail back home to you.

We’re often asked how we care for the dogs while the sun beats down on us all. In a previous post, our very own Jay Robison lists a few of the ways pups at DogBoy’s are cared for in the heat of the day. He says:

  • DogBoy’s spares no expense and ups the air conditioning in the kennels, especially during the late morning and afternoon hours. Ahhh…
  • Mid-day dogs are brought in from playgroups for some R&R out of the noontime sun.
  • Water buckets and baby pools are continually refreshed with cool, clean water perfect temperature for a paw splash fest!
  • Pups who can’t handle the heat have been known to get extra rest time in the office where it’s cool and there’s plenty of social interaction with people to be found.

Whether at home or romping around the ranch, there are behaviors to be aware of that signal that your dog might be experiencing heat stress. Below is a list of symptoms of heat exhaustion to watch out for.

  • Heavy panting
  • Hyperventilation
  • Lethargy
  • Staggering gate
  • Lying down and not getting up

If you’d like more information about ways to prevent heat stroke in dogs click HERE to access an in-depth article posted by

As always, if you have concerns about any safety measures we practice, feel free to contact us at anytime at all!  We want you to rest assured that your pup will be closely monitored while you’re away. We love your furry buddy almost as much as you do!