The Ultimate Benefit of Dog Training in Austin, TX


dog training Austin TXWhen a number of our regular clients were asked the question, “Who benefits the most from dog training, the person or the pup?”, the resounding response was the person.That’s easy, right? Post classes and a commitment to practice, the human has a dog they can control. One that is more obedient and even more enjoyable to have around. The dog owner wins, hands down.

While this seems like a logical answer to a simple question, there is more to it than meets the wag. We at DogBoy’s believe that the ultimate benefit of dog training goes two ways.


Not all, but many folks come to training classes as frustrated as can be. Stephanie Coleman of The Whole Dog Journal states that, “They want behavior change and they want it yesterday,” and that the lion’s share of a trainer’s job is to “teach humans how to train their dogs.” Stephanie is suggesting that first change must occur within the human, rather than the dog. The dog owner must employ “reasoning and abstract thinking,” says owner Bart Emken (aka DogBoy), and learn to see their pup in a different light.  And, when folks do, the relationship with their dog is altered.

“Dogs benefit more,” says Bart, “because we understand them better and they stop being pets and become companions.”  A pet is defined as an animal kept for pleasure. But a companion is described as being a buddy, an ally, a helper, and a friend. Here lies the ultimate benefit of dog training – a deeper of appreciation for the canine in your life. As Kit Thompson says, “Every class strengthens our understanding of each other.”

Nothing would please us more than to enhance the sense of companionship between you and your pup. We are proud to offer what we feel is the finest dog training program in Austin, Texas. Feel free to contact us for any help we can give with turning your dog from a pet into your beloved best friend.


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