luxury1After 16 years in the pet care industry, DogBoy and I have seen a wide range of pet care facilities. Luxury boarding facilities are always my favorite to visit. I am amazed at all the amenities now offered to pets!

Inner spring beds with beautiful scrolled metal frames,air-conditioned suites with 24-hour television, web cams, painted walls with different themes and individual potty breaks. There are morning walks, storytime, ice cream socials, and even tuck-in service that comes with a before-bed treat. With all this special treatment, why would I ever say it’s a waste of your money?

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Luxury boarding is found in facilities where every service is a la carte, which means you pay extra for each and every thing. So what looks like a $35/day stay, can easily add up to well over $100/day for all the amenities you want. So maybe money is no object to you, and of course your dog is worth it! Read on…
  2. Inner spring beds on pretty frames are for you, not your dog. No, they’re not big enough for you. What I mean is, they are there to give you the feeling that your dog NEEDS that kind of bed, when you know full well that your pup would be just as happy sleeping on your pile of dirty laundry as they would a fancy bed. A soft place to lay is always preferred, and spring mattresses aren’t any softer than a dog bed and a few strategically placed blankets.
  3. Dogs don’t watch much TV – again that’s for you, and most luxury facilities have tiny TV’s way above your dog’s line of site. The only benefit here is the familiar noise, which could be provided with a radio set to something much more soothing like classical music or NPR.
  4. Web cams sound wonderful, and so high tech, don’t they? But if your dog is really having fun (playing out in the green grass with other dogs), that web cam in their suite you’re paying for will be watching and showing nothing but an empty bed. When your dog is inside their enclosure, you’ll probably be watching them sleep. Still seem worth the extra money?
  5. luxury2In hotel rooms, suites mean bigger rooms with more space. Suites in boarding kennels aren’t bigger, and may be much smaller than a traditional kennel run. Imagine a closet with a window in the door…some with a see through door.

All those other little services, including medications, play time and potty breaks can all really add up. Wouldn’t it be great if they were just included in your stay? Thankfully, at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, they are! So think about it, and research pet care facilities that offer luxury boarding if that’s what you’re looking for. More important than what cable channels they offer your dog is the level of care they put into each and every thing they do. Spending more does not always get you more!