Making Business Travel with Pets Work for You


business travel with petsYou work – a lot.  You travel often.  And you have a dog that you love more than anyone else on this earth.  How can these worlds all come together so everyone is happy? How can you make business travel with pets work for you?

Here are some ideas that should help ease the transition:

  • If you are traveling without your pet, try to avoid packing in front of them.  The added stress of preparing for a trip can really stress your dog out too.
  • Look for a pet care facility that keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated so that they have less time to stress while you’re away.
  • Make your goodbye short and sweet.  Any guilt you may be feeling, and therefore trying to assuage with lots of hugs and tearful goodbyes will only stress your pup out and increase her chances of stress induced illness like UTI’s and digestive upset.  Increased stress can also raise their risk of catching a viral or bacterial illness.  So give a quick pat, and send them on their way!
  • When you return, don’t feel the need to immediately jump back into your routine.  Your dog may need some down time to recoup from an active boarding stay.  At DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, it’s common for dogs to sleep a couple of days after they board with us.  Maybe you both need a little rest!
  • Understand that it is common for dogs to increase their water intake after a boarding stay.  All that outdoor play can really make a pup thirsty!  Also, their pads can get sore from lots of playtime with others.  A day or two of rest should have them feeling back to their normal, playful self again.
  • If you are traveling with your dog, research pet care facilities where you’ll be so Buster doesn’t spend all day in a hotel room.  You can find other facilities in your destination city and surrounding towns by visiting the International Boarding & Pet Services Association, or IBPSA.  Still, connect with any places that look good to ask lots of questions and check facilities out online via Yelp and other review sites.

If you ever have questions about helping your dog cope during business travel, we’re happy to help.  When you’re dog is happy, and you’ve got peace of mind, we’ve done our job!

Researching the best place to care for your pup?  Download our FREE Boarding Checklist so you know what to look for!

Have ideas of your own to share about business travel for dog lovers?  Share them here!  We’d love to learn what works for you.


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