What Should I Know About Boarding a Dog with Medication?


boarding a dog with medicationAt DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, we understand that your pet is a member of your family. We know that boarding a dog with medication may seem like a tough choice to make; you may be concerned that your pal won’t get the special attention he needs to insure proper administration of his medicine. We guarantee that your pet will get all the attention he needs, even if it means having a different schedule from the other boarders.

Our staff strive to make every pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We aim to eliminate any concerns you may have about boarding a dog with medication. If your dog is ill, or has a chronic condition that requires medication, we will be sure to give the medication exactly as directed and to give your pet the extra love and attention he needs. You have our promise.

When boarding a dog with medication, we ask you to consider the following:

  • Packaging: Your dog’s medication should stay in the original container. Whether it be over the counter or veterinarian prescribed, we ask that you not bring medication in pill sorters, baggies, or other secondary containers. This helps boarding facilities avoid any confusion, and adds that extra check and balance between your directions and those on the bottle.
  • Labeling: Please make sure each bottle of medication is labeled with the following: your dog’s name, the name of the medicine, the strength of the medicine, dosage, and the reason or condition for which the medication is prescribed.
  • Instructions: If you are boarding a dog with medications, be sure to include written instructions for administering the medication, such as giving with food or at a certain time of day. Likewise, if you have special instructions from your vet, you will want to include those as well.  Remember to let us know if today’s dosage of medicine has already been given when you drop your pet off.
  • Multiple Dogs: If you have more than one dog on the same medication it is a good idea to use separate bottles for each pet even when using over the counter products. This may sound like a hassle if you have several dogs, but in order for our staff to insure that they correctly administer each medication, we ask that you please provide separate labeled containers for each dog.

Following these guidelines will insure that your beloved pet will get the medication he needs during his stay. At DogBoy’s Dog Ranch we know that boarding a dog with medication can be extra stressful for both you and your pet, but rest assured, our staff will carefully follow your special instructions.

In addition to administering medication, we will observe your pet closely for any changes in behavior. Sometimes boarding can cause stress and make your pet react in a way that lets us know he is uncomfortable or scared. We will respond to both the physical and the emotional needs of your pet as if he were our own because that is how we treat every dog at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch!

At DogBoy’s, we provide plenty of opportunities for play time, social interactions, and rest time for every dog whatever his special needs may be, and we never charge extra for boarding a dog with medication.

Have questions about boarding your dogs?  We’re ready and waiting to answer them!


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