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Board & Train for dogsWhen looking for a provider that offers board and train for dogs, it’s important to remember that the company you choose will be incredibly influential to your dog’s life. They may spend every day at the facility, and the socialization they receive there – with humans and other dogs – will significantly impact his or her health, behavior, and well being. Because of that, you want to ensure you find a board and train program for your dogs that espouses your personal beliefs and treats your dog in the way that he or she deserves to be treated. Below you will find some of the values that are most important to the training and boarding philosophy of DogBoy’s, and chances are they will resonate with you as a dog owner and lover.

  • At no time will any dog at DogBoy’s be trained with choke chains, pinch collars, or prong or shock collars. DogBoy’s believes in all positive training: we want our animals to be companions to us, not captives forced to obey us. A mutually respectful relationship will be far more successful than short-term cycles of fear and aggravation.  At DogBoy’s, reward-based training methods utilizing food, praise, and toys are used always, without exception.
  • No matter size, breed, or age, every single dog is different. That is why at DogBoy’s, we take the time to customize your dog’s training sessions to his or her individual needs. Training sessions are conducted at your dog’s pace: lessons are never forced on them. DogBoy’s respects your companion’s need to grow so that his or her relationships toward humans can be healthy for life. Each dog is placed under the tutelage of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, who has seen many types of behavioral problems and knows how to correct them without scarring your dog, mentally or physically.
  • For as important as dog-to-human interactions are, DogBoy’s never forgets that dog-to-dog socialization is crucial for the health and wellbeing of your beloved friend, too. Our board and train for dogs focuses on allowing dogs to play with compatible dogs in safe, supervised environments. This helps to ensure that a dog is never completely dependent on any one source of socialization that if taken away, could damage your dog emotionally.

It is very important that each owner knows his or her role in the process when it comes to board and train for dogs.  This is a joint effort, and everyone has a responsibility. At DogBoy’s, we do not take our responsibility lightly. Our board and train for dogs program and trainers are always aware of your dog’s needs, emotionally and physically. We also create an atmosphere that truly espouses our love of animals: we are pro-spay/neuter. We believe in the impact nutrition plays in a dog’s behavior. We feel that this holistic approach to caring for dogs enables us to focus on the whole dog, and create a mutually respectful relationship between dog and owner. We think you will agree, too.

We encourage you to shop around and find out what other training facilities have to offer.  Ask if they EVER use any prong, choke, pinch or shock collars.  Find out how much time your dog spends in training each day, and ask to see the areas where they will be trained.  Speak to the trainer who will work with your dog and ask lots of questions.  Remember, the choice you make can affect your dog’s long term behavioral health.  Choose wisely!



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