How Do I Find the Best Vet in Austin?


How Do I Find the Best Vet in Town?She is your pet’s doctor, your trusted expert in your pet’s medical care. But how do you find the best vet for your pet? Here are our tips for making sure the veterinarian you choose is the best fit for you and your pet.

  1. Ask a well respected friend or co-worker. Word of mouth is good as gold, and if you hear the same vet referred to you by multiple people, chances are that vet is capable and trustworthy.
  2. Don’t just ask any dog owner you know. Ask people who you think take excellent care of their pets. These folks are going to be the ones who do the most research in advance, and probably have the best vets already. Find out what they like about their vet and compare their like’s & dislike’s with your wants and needs. 
  3. Pet care facilities like DogBoy’s, Emancipet, large rescue groups like Austin Dog Rescue, or the Austin Humane Society all have relationships with local vets in town, and will gladly give you a referral.
  4. Even Yelp and other online review sites can be a good resource for vets in your area. 
Once you have your list, stop by for a visit to check the places out.
  1. How does the clinic smell inside? Is it clean? There may be a great vet in there, but do you really want to sit in that stinky clinic every time your dog is sick?
  2. Are you greeted promptly by the office staff? Do they look like they like their jobs?
  3. Do they seem organized and on top of things?
  4. Does the vet have a specialty? Large breeds, bunnies, etc.
  5. Are they flexible with vaccinations if you have strong issues against them? Do they do titer testing, or recommend any holistic options like chiropractic care?
Once you make your first appointment, ask lots of questions. Try to get a feel for whether the vet has an aggressive or conservative approach and see if it is a good fit with your wants and needs. Do they recommend more treatments than you need or do they only recommend what is actually necessary for your pet? At DogBoy’s, we have used White Rock Vet Hospital for many years with great success, but have others we like in town as well.
Try these awesome vets too!
Need more help finding a good vet? Just contact our front desk and we’ll gladly assist you!
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