DogBoy's Makes the Switch to New Dog Food: PulsarAt DogBoy’s, we’ve always been nerds about dog food.  It’s no secret.  Before we opened DogBoy’s almost 18 years ago, Bart Emken (aka DogBoy) was employed by Tomlinson’s, and learned all about quality pet foods and how they affect behavior.  So although the industry standard is to feed whatever is affordable and plentiful (i.e. crappy dog food), we have always fed a higher than normal quality kibble to our boarding dogs, and recommended great foods to our customers as well.  For years, we have fed Natura’s California Natural Lamb & Rice.

When our Director of Training, Paula Baker Prince joined the team in 2004, we learned that studying the details around dog food is one of her passions, which further strengthened our knowledge base and increased the value to our customers.

Now in 2010, when corporate conglomerate Proctor & Gamble bought Natura, we were very concerned that the quality of California Natural would be altered in a way that made it less healthy for dogs.  That still hasn’t happened, but since the early days of DogBoy’s, there have been a plethora of excellent high quality, low ingredient kibbles that have come on the market.  So it’s not that California Natural has gone down in quality, it’s just that so many even better quality foods have come on the market, that we feel like it’s time to upgrade.

After lots of research, the dog food that we chose is Pulsar, made by a company called Horizon Pet Nutrition.  Pulsar is a grain free food, and their food is manufactured in their own human grade food manufacturing facility.  They cook their kibble at a lower temperature, so it maintains the healthy nutrients that your dog needs.  They also source their own ingredients (no Chinese imports), many of them local to their area, and those ingredients are rigorously tested to make sure they are safe and healthy for our pets. Pulsar comes in fish and chicken, and we have chosen to feed the chicken variety.  We also have the Pulsar Fish Formula for sale those of you who want to try it. Because Pulsar is a more nutrient dense pet food, you will feed less of it than a dry kibble like California Natural.

We trust the folks at Dog Food Advisor to objectively review the dog foods we feed, and they give Pulsar a four star rating. We believe once Pulsar has some history behind it, the rating will go up.  We hope to continue to offer small bags of California Natural to clients who want help with the transition.  Also, please know that at anytime you like, you can bring your own food to DogBoy’s and we will be happy to feed it.  We may spend time talking with you about your dog’s diet if we think your food is affecting your dog’s behavior or health, but we won’t charge you extra to feed it, ever.  Surprisingly, many pet care facilities do!

We know this transition can be tough for some dogs.  Most often what we see is dogs who have trouble going from a higher quality food back to a lower quality food. None of the employees here have had any major trouble making the switch, and any of us would be happy to talk with you if you have questions or concerns. We hope you’ll agree that this change in diet is with your dog’s best interest in mind.

Have questions? Let us know, and feel free to leave your comments regarding what you think about the change.