Upcoming Dog Training Classes Austin, TX

School is back in session for students and our dog training classes are also gearing back up! Summer is over and as you begin to re-establish your routine, this makes it the perfect time to sign-up for one of the many classes we offer here at DogBoy’s. From basic obedience classes to the more advanced, we have something that is right for everyone. Classes are a great way for your dog to burn some extra energy while building their mental stamina! Training can help build certain skills (like walking nicely on leash, coming when called, and behaving politely) and it is also an excellent way to continue building a great relationship with YOU.

You can always find a list of the classes we are offering and full descriptions on our website. Below are some of our upcoming classes in September and October.

Beginner Classes (no prerequisites)

Foundations – 1 hour for 8 weeks

  • Sunday, Sept. 29th at 7pm with Lydia
  • Sunday, Oct. 13th at 12pm with Kelly


 Foundations Agility – 1.5 hours for 8 weeks

  • Thursday, Sept. 26th at 7pm with Rebecca


Confidence Building – 1 hour for 3 weeks

  • Sunday, Sept. 22nd at 1pm with Rebecca


Spot’s Spot: Teaching “Go to your place” – 1 hour for 4 weeks

  • Sunday, Oct. 27th at 2pm with Lydia


Advanced Classes (prerequisites required)

Rocket Recall Workshop – 1 hour for 3 weeks

  • Monday, Oct. 21st at 7pm with Kelly


Social Skills: Canine Good Citizen – 1.5 hours for 5 weeks

  • Tuesday, Oct. 1st  at 7pm with Kelly


Out and About – 1.5 hours for 6 weeks

  • Sunday Sept. 29th at 1pm with Paula

To find out more about our upcoming group classes, or to see which one might be right for your dog, click below to speak to someone from our Training Team!




Blog post by Lydia Yancey, Assistant Kennel Manager and Trainer.