Layla Trujillo at the dog park open house“I don’t know that there was anyone more exited about the opening of Dogboy’s Dog Park than I was! I’ve always had large dogs, and even though I would take them walking and jogging each day, I knew they needed more. I’ve previously taken advantage of public off leash areas, but was concerned with the hidden dangers (old barbwire, concrete with protruding rebar, etc.) that resulted in more than one injury to my dogs while they bounded in and out of the woods. I’ve visited several public dog parks with initial success, but later became disappointed with the number of irresponsible owners who spent more time socializing with friends or using their cell phones than watching, picking up after, or interacting with their dogs. Irresponsible behaviors led to numerous altercations between dogs and consequently the owners, and took the joy out of the visit.

The private dog park at DogBoy’s provides an off leash experience in a large, safe, groomed area with little hills, trees for shade, the occasional squirrel to chase, and a wonderful seasonal pond for swimming.  The ability to reserve the park privately or use it with friends provides an option I am personally grateful for, given that one of my dogs is selective about friends. At a time when I had a serious health crisis, the park afforded the opportunity to get my dogs the exercise they needed and were accustomed to, while I could move more slowly without the physical challenge of trying to hold on to them.

 Axel Trujillo running wild at the dog park

The park has also given me the chance to work on distance training, recall, heeling, and numerous other obedience skills learned in Agility, Rally and Click to Learn classes. I have an opportunity to really watch my dogs’ body language, something that helps me to see our strengths and weaknesses, and further improve our relationship.

Everything aside, the joy on my dogs’ faces when they have the opportunity to run as fast and hard as they can, stop and sniff, roll and play with other dogs as they wish, and sometimes even chase a very brave bunny cannot be described! Thank you Dogboy’s for providing a bit of Dog Heaven!”

-Trish Trujillo, Mom to Axel and Layla (pictured above), dog lover, and loyal DogBoy’s customer since 2008