Staff Pick for May: Brake Fast Bowl for Dogs


Brake Fast BowlHave you ever scarfed down a meal while you were in a hurry? I have, and my stomach usually doesn’t feel great afterwards. I can only imagine the same is true for my dog. You may have seen it already on our shelf: a bowl with three columns in it. It is not a weird new round Lego; it is a very cleverly designed bowl for the dog that inhales his food.

Most of us have probably had experience with a dog who eats too fast, and there are a couple of good strategies for slowing Fido down at dinner time. You can feed in several small portions; you can feed from a puzzle toy, which has the added benefit of providing a great mental workout for your pooch; you can even scatter their food on the floor. Or you can try the “Brake Fast” bowl.

My fast eater was causing some problems in the household. Hoosier didn’t seem to be getting sick from eating too fast, but given that I have a two-dog household the problem came from Hoosier’s housemate being a slower eater. Doggie #2 was also smaller, so when Hoosier would finish his bowl of food, he would often chase our other dog off his food and eat the rest of it as well. I live in a small townhouse, so feeding them in separate rooms, while possible, wasn’t the most practical solution. DogBoy’s had just started carrying the “Brake Fast” bowl, so I decided to give it a try. I’d seen a few of our customers come in with similar bowls and they liked them, so why not?

I have been extremely happy with the results. Hoosier has been eating from this bowl for almost three months, and it’s worked like a charm. The columns force him to slow down as he gets the food from between them—almost like a little puzzle toy. Our other dog has time to finish his dinner in peace, and I don’t have to worry about breaking up fights. It’s a win-win situation.

If you have a dog that eats too fast, I highly recommend this bowl. It works, and it’s durable—money very well spent. I have no problems making it my pick for May!

Blog post by Jay Robison, DogBoy’s Receptionist


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