How To Get Past Grooming Anxiety

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA One of the most common canine phobias that we’ve seen at DogBoy’s is the fear of groomers and grooming. For many owners, getting their dog groomed can be as harrowing as taking them to the vet. There may be multiple underlying causes contributing [...]

How Aversive Trainers Endanger Your Dog

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​CPTD / KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we’ve been vocal opponents of aversive dog training right from the start. We’ve warned about the damages inflicted by tools like shock collars, choke chains, and electric fences, and railed against the harmful [...]

My Dog Brought Fleas Inside: What Do I Do?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA We’re quickly heading towards peak flea season here in Texas. Fleas thrive in hot and humid conditions; sound like our summers to you? As the temperature and precipitation steadily rise, dog owners need to be on guard for any and all signs of [...]

How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Everything

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA The age-old stereotype of the mailman-chasing dog exists for good reason. Some dogs are compelled to chase just about anything. While it may be cute to watch dogs run circles around one another, it’s another matter entirely when your dog chases dangerous cars [...]

My Dog Keeps Waking Me Up…What Do I Do?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA Some people are able to snooze through nearly anything, but the vast majority of us need peace and quiet to ensure a restful night. Unfortunately, dogs can often act like canine alarm clocks, barking and causing similar ruckus that disturbs you in the [...]

Does Ear Cropping Or Tail Docking Harm Dogs?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​CPTD / KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA Many people might not recognize the dog breed in our header picture. If you guessed “Doberman,” then you’d be correct! Most Americans imagine Dobermans with tall ears and short tails, but these are actually unnatural features created by ear cropping and [...]

5 Tragic Mistakes People Make When Leaving Assets to Their Pets

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by Courtney Emken For many of us, our pets are members of the family.  And while many of us have planned for our pet’s care while we are alive, it is equally important to plan for our pets in the event our pet outlives us.  This is true whether you expect to outlive your pet, [...]

The 7 Best Jobs For Dog Lovers, And Should I Go That Route?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott, CPDT-KA Bart knew when he saw a guide dog save a blind man from falling down a flight of stairs that he wanted to help dogs help people. Since then we’ve built a community around loving dogs and spent over twenty years in the [...]

Is Fostering a Dog Right For Me?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott, CPDT-KA Sometimes you know you need a dog in your life, but aren’t sure whether you’re ready to adopt just yet. Adoption is an incredible commitment. You’re signing on to be an animal’s caretaker for the foreseeable future, and many of us simply aren’t [...]

How To Clean Your Dog’s Eyes And Ears

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott Just like us, dog’s eyes and ears need an occasional cleaning to flush out gunk and to help prevent possible infections. Unfortunately for our canine pals, they lack the opposable thumbs necessary to perform this delicate task, so it’s up to us owners to [...]