How To Use A Clicker To Train A Dog

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  Using ‘clickers’ in animal training has been around since the 1940’s, but they didn’t catch on in popularity until recent years. In the 1990’s, Karen Pryor, one of the most respected figures in dog training, popularized their use as a positive training tool. At DogBoy’s we incorporate clickers in our dog training, along with [...]

What Bones Are Safe To Feed Your Dog?

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  Over thousands of years, dogs increasingly became human’s closest companions. Dogs helped early humans hunt, and in turn, they were rewarded with delicious, juicy bones. Our dogs are not much different from their ancestors, at least in their love of bones. However, owners have to be careful these days, as not all bones are [...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Doggie Bad Breath

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  We love our dogs, but that doesn’t mean we love dog breath. While it’s true that some breeds are naturally more prone to having bad breath, you can take steps to reduce most dog’s foul breath. Here’s the DogBoy’s guide for healthier and fresher doggie breath! #1 Give Your Dog Crunchy Treats Or Hard [...]

Aren’t All Austin Dog Trainers the Same?

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  It’s easy to assume that all Austin dog trainers might be cut from the same cloth. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Austin has a diverse array of philosophies and practices when it comes to dog training. Here’s our guide to the Austin dog trainer scene to help you make the right choice [...]

Why Is My Dog Shy, and What Do I Do?

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  While dog lovers tend to be more extroverted, many dogs are actually quite the opposite. At DogBoy’s, we like to affectionately call these dogs “wallflowers.” These dogs feel the most comfortable when out of the spotlight. So, how do we properly interact with our introverted dogs? Especially if we’re tempted to dogpile them with [...]

I Have Allergies, Can I Get A Dog?

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  Many dog lovers are cursed with pet allergies that get between them and their furry friends. While they may never grab a tissue for you, picking the right dog can help alleviate your allergies immensely. I’m living proof that you can have a life surrounded by dogs despite allergies. That’s right, the Ranch’s resident [...]

How To Crate Train My Puppy

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  We’ve previously discussed why crates are like comfy caves for your dogs. Now we want to tell you how to properly crate train your puppy, so they fall in love with their little cave. Luckily, if you set the stage well and practice positive reinforcement, they’ll come to love it almost on their own! [...]

First Impressions: How To Safely Introduce Yourself To A New Dog

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  Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression. This counts just as much for our canine friends as it does for other humans. Just like us, dogs are social creatures. We need to know how to make a polite greeting for them too. Here’s how to ensure you don’t go [...]

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm This Winter?

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  Dogs and humans are different. That’s a no brainer. I mean, just look at them! Most people, especially dog owners, understand that dogs act differently, think differently, and have completely different needs than we do. However, when it comes to warmth we might treat our pets more like people and less like dogs. Here’s [...]