Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken

There are several bugs that are bad news for your dog’s health! Many bugs can cause digestive issues, heart issues, heart worms, premature death, and many other health issues. We go over our top 5 that you should stay aware of, and take active measures to protect you and your dog from.


– Hey Court.

– Hey Bart. I heard you’re gonna talk to us about some bugs. Let’s talk about bugs.

– Bugs. What bugs are you- Let’s talk about bugs that are bad for dogs.

– Okay, I think people would like to know about bugs.

– Yeah I’ve got four or so that I’d like to share. Number one, fleas. So, a lot of people know fleas are bad for dogs. A lot of people know dogs who have fleas can become a nuisance because fleas multiply in your house. What you may not know is that one flea can make up to 1,000 fleas in your home in 21 days. That’s a big deal.

– That’s three weeks.

– Yeah.

– Wow.

– You can get an infested home in no time. So you really want to work on flea preventatives and we really like some of the combo drugs that that do fleas, ticks, heart worms, all that altogether. All right, number two, ticks. Ticks are something that a lot of people don’t think really that they have to worry about except in the summer but ticks can definitely jump on your dog and make a little camp and stay there for quite a long time. They not only can cause Lyme disease but they also can cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and both of those can be really dangerous to both pets and people. So you definitely wanna watch out for that.

– Especially if you have a long-haired dog, they like to hide and it only takes one.

– Yeah, we find them in the summer a lot but they do bite year-round.

– Yeah.

– All right, number three, mosquitos.

– Mos-qwe-tos.

– Now people think about mosquitos bothering humans but they don’t think about mosquitos bothering dogs, and mosquitos can cause heart worms. A lot of people don’t know where heart worms come from but it is from the bite of a mosquito. It’s the larva, right?

– Mm-hm.

– And it is deadly to dogs so you definitely want to keep mosquitos and your dogs away. If you have mosquitos in your back yard we can definitely recommend a great solution for you, especially if you’re in the Austin area.

– Yeah it’s one of those little little tiny bugs that doesn’t seem it would do very much but-

– It’s a killer.

– Very common and that’s why they need to be on heart worm preventative.

– Mm-hm, absolutely.

– It will kill your dog.

– Yep, a nuisance for us, deadly for dogs. All right number four, kissing bugs.

– She’s not talking about me.

– Now you may not know what kissing bugs are. You may have never heard about the kissing bugs but let me just tell you if you have a dog, you need to know what these bugs are especially in Texas. But I think they’re all over the country. They came from South America, they are a type of beetle, and you’ll know them by the yellow and black kind of ring around their body. But they’re nocturnal animals and they tend to bite animals and people at night around the mouth or lips. And this sounds really gross, I know but half of these kissing bugs are infected with a parasite called Chagas. And Chagas is a disease that can infiltrate a dog’s body and over time, in people and dogs it can cause heart, it can cause heart conditions and heart failure. So it very much can kill a dog earlier in its life than it would normally pass away. So if you see these bugs, you wanna get on calling an exterminator as soon as as possible.

– They’re not super common, but they are around. Also if you leave back porch lights on, or there’s a water source, nearby that sort of draws them. But it’s sort of like one of those bugs that not a lot of people know about because they don’t make a whole lot of noise, but definitely another one. I-

– Yeah and it can- Oh, I was just gonna say it can kill your dog years later, it doesn’t happen immediately, so.

– It’s sort of the silent killer. Your dog just may die prematurely and you not know that’s what caused it.

– Right.

– I have another one.

– You have a surprise?

– A surpr- it’s not really a surprise.

– A surprise bug?

– It’s a number five, can I get a high five?

– Yeah, let’s see it.

– High five, June bugs.

– What?

– April showers bring May flowers and May flowers bring June bugs. So June bugs themselves aren’t poisonous or do any, put any other parasites in your dog but some dogs, Chocolate Labs,

– like to eat ’em. They look a lot like dog food and-

– They probably taste like protein.

– And it’s okay if they eat one or two but if a dog makes a meal out of it a lot, the exoskeletons aren’t digestible so it can impact your dog’s digestive tract. And it may also cause diarrhea or the dog to throw up.

– Mm-hm, yeah possible obstruction so that’s dangerous.

– So, one or two not bad but if you’ve got a dog that will eat-

– Eats ’em every time they go for a walk then you wanna watch out.

– Eat anything then it could be a problem down the road.

– Yeah that’s great. That’s one I had not thought of so thank you.

– There you go.

– And I do wanna say since we’re not veterinarians if you’re concerned about any or all of these bugs or parasites or critters you wanna definitely talk to your veterinarian and they can give you a lot more information about what to do to prevent all these things from happening.

– They went to school for it.

-Thanks for joining us.

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– Hey.

-Let’s try again.

– Let’s try again.

-Okay, you wanna start?

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