Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Courtney Emken
Concept by Courtney Emken


There are a wide variety of dog sports that you can easily learn with your dog. These sports are great fitness activities for both dog and human alike, and provide incredible bonding opportunities. Learn about some of the sports, and then sign up to learn one with us!

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– So now that the weather is cooling down we’re starting to get into canine sports season and we teach a lot of fun sports classes here at DogBoy’s. So Courtney what’s one of your favorite dog sports?

– Well my favorite dog sport is agility, and it’s just because my little dog Noodle, he’s a little, he loves agility, and the time that we took agility, we went through the course and I was very surprised to see how fast that tiny dog can run. He was going through the course so fast I almost couldn’t keep up with him. And thankfully, the course is in my backyard, so at one point he broke out of my yard, broke into the agility field, and went through the course by himself ’cause he loved it so much.

– So we teach a lot of agility classes here, we do workshops and then we also have a longer four week long class, and at any give time, we usually have some sort of agility class rolling.

– So speaking of agility, here’s our agility star Noodle. What other sports classes do we teach at DogBoy’s?

– Sure, so we’re doing one coming up soon called “Intro to Canine Sports”, and that’s where sample a bunch of the different sports. So one of the sports that we sample during our Intro to Canine Sports class is rally obedience. So that’s a really cool one, it’s mostly indoor and the dog walks through course and tries out some different behaviors. There’s also another canine sport called “Rally-Freestyle”, which takes some of those elements from Rally-Obedience, but combines it with music and it’s a little more loose and fun.

– That’s not only fun to take, but it’s fun to watch, so you should bring a partner if you take that class. So I know we’ve talked about nosework in the past but that’s something that we’re teaching now again. Tell me a little bit about that.

– So nosework is a lot of fun. We combine the sport of nosework into our “Intro to Canine Sports” class and we also sometimes teach just nosework workshops too. So one of the first things that we do with dogs in a nosework class or workshop is start building that desire to search and to find the target odor or primary reward, which is, to start off with, usually food.

– So one of the things that we don’t specifically teach here but we do have on the property is disc dog training, and there’s a group that comes out once a month, I think it’s the first Sunday of the month, and it’s called “Flying Disc Dogs of Austin”. And it’s just a bunch of people that have dogs that love frisbees and they bring them out once a month and they throw frisbees and they teach you routines to music and they just have all kinds of fun out there. So if you ever just wanna come and check it out, you don’t have to have any experience, you can just come by anytime, bring your dog, and give it a try.

– So one sport you don’t see very often but that we do start to teach here at DogBoy’s is the sport of Treibball. So Treibball is a sport that was created for herding dogs that didn’t have access to animals to be herded. So to replace the sheep, or cattle, or whatever that they were supposed to herd, these dog trainers that created this sport used exercise balls. So then the border collie, or cattle dog, is herding these exercise balls into a soccer goal. And that’s kind of the summary of it.

– Yeah, it’s kind of like soccer for dogs, except the balls are much bigger.