What Should I Know About Boarding a Dog with Medication?

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  At DogBoy's Dog Ranch, we understand that your pet is a member of your family. We know that boarding a dog with medication may seem like a tough choice to make; you may be concerned that your pal won't get the special attention he needs to insure proper administration of his medicine. We guarantee [...]

Making Business Travel with Pets Work for You

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  You work - a lot.  You travel often.  And you have a dog that you love more than anyone else on this earth.  How can these worlds all come together so everyone is happy? How can you make business travel with pets work for you? Here are some ideas that should help ease the [...]

Why Luxury Pet Boarding is a Waste of Your Money

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  After 16 years in the pet care industry, DogBoy and I have seen a wide range of pet care facilities. Luxury boarding facilities are always my favorite to visit. I am amazed at all the amenities now offered to pets! Inner spring beds with beautiful scrolled metal frames,air-conditioned suites with 24-hour television, web cams, [...]

A Very Doggie Playlist

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  id="attachment_264" align="alignleft" width="235" caption="Dogs like Music too!" Every summer has its soundtrack, and people have been making their own summer mixes ever since home recording became affordable. What better way to celebrate the “dog days” of the Summer of 2010 than to make your very own dog-themed mix CD or playlist? Here [...]