Puppy Potty Training 101

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP Puppy Potting Training: Management And Prevention Puppies are gonna go when they need to go and it’s your job to prevent it from happening on the living room floor. It can take a few weeks before your puppy understands to only potty outside. To make this transition [...]

How To Care For A Formerly Abused Dog

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP & Amanda Ott Last month we discussed how to spot and report pet abuse, but today we’d like to discuss taking the next step: fostering an abused dog. Here’s how to give these poor souls the tender love and care they’ve always deserved, but [...]

Dogs Aren’t Wolves: Debunking Dominance Theory

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott Thanks to a certain celebrity dog “trainer,” dominance theory has risen from the dead and spread across the country. Modern trainers who use positive methods are fighting an uphill battle against the resurgence of these outdated, ineffective, and cruel aversive training [...]

How To Stop My Dog From Chewing Everything

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott Dogs like to chew everything from puzzle toys, our favorite shoes, and even their own paw pads! Chewing is a natural pastime for dogs, and can be an extremely difficult behavior to curb. Here’s our guide to preventing unwanted chewing (Hint: [...]

How To Keep Your Dog Off The Furniture

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP Comfy furniture can be a tempting target for dogs to lounge on, much to their owner’s frustration. Once your dog begins couch-surfing, it can seem nearly impossible to keep them off. However, by using redirection techniques and reinforcement, you can easily keep your dog off the couch. [...]

How To Teach Bite Inhibition

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP Canine bites are a serious issue that any owner would like to avoid. And the best way to avoid bites is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. For concerned owners, we’ve put together a guide to teaching bite inhibition: the foundation of effective [...]

Can Dogs And Cats Coexist?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP We’ve all seen movies and cartoons like Cats and Dogs, where felines square off against Fido. People tend to get defensive, and fling articles about why cats are better hunters, or how dogs love us more than cats at the other camp. But the question remains, can [...]

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

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By Courtney Emken co-written by Jen Larson, KPA-CTP This week we’re taking on the age-old proverb: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. So, is it actually harder to train an older dog? After decades of training experience with dogs of all ages, we think we can finally put this outdated adage to rest. [...]

Do Dogs Respond Better to Certain Names?

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By Courtney Emken co-written by Jen Larson, KPA-CTP “What’s in a name?” We name our dogs all sorts of things, ranging from the run of the mill types like Fido, to outrageous titles like Sir HotRod Whoofington (that’s not made up). But, the real question is---which dog actually likes their name better? You may be [...]

Can I Play Music To Relax My Dog?

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By Courtney Emken co-written by Jen Larson, KPA-CTP We’ve talked before about how important it is to remember that dogs aren’t humans. They often find things that people enjoy troubling or uncomfortable, like hugs. Luckily, they DO like to lay down, relax, and chill out to some pleasant tunes just like us! However, a dog’s [...]