“When Should I Start Training My Puppy?” Hint: Sooner than you might think

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  This is a commonly asked question by clients at DogBoy’s, and for good reason! Lingering misconceptions that come from the old days of training tell you to wait six months to a year before you begin. While that was true then, the current approach to dog training is more flexible and allows you start [...]

3 Life Skills EVERY Dog Needs To Know (Hint: This Helps You Too)

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  So your dog knows how to sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, and walk on a loose leash. That's great. Those are extremely important foundational behaviors that all dogs should know, especially when you ask them to. But, what about the behaviors that we'd love our dogs to perform on their own? [...]

Dog Training Basics: How To Train Your Dog

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  A general frequent question that we get from all of our clients is “How do I train my dog?”. It’s a pretty broad question, and people usually have several reasons for asking it. When people ask this question they might mean any number of things including: How do you teach your dog what is [...]

“What Foods Should I Feed My Dog?”– Hint: DON’T ask the vet

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  It’s Between You and Your Dog Deciding what to feed your dog is a very personal decision. At DogBoys, we see everything from people cooking every meal for their dog, to dogs that are on a raw food diet, or even dogs that eat some bottom of the barrel brand their whole life and [...]

The Top 5 Reasons You Should NEVER Use Prong Collars

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There are lots of aversive training tools out there, and pinch or prong collars are among my least favorite. Prong collars have metal spikes turned inward that pinch a dog's neck. If used inappropriately, they can actually put holes in a dog’s skin and cause major damage to a dog's neck. A lot of people [...]

Does My Dog Have OCD?

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  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a human anxiety disorder that causes those affected by it to disrupt their daily life by getting caught up in patterns. For example, the urge to turn the light on and off 33 times before you leave any room. It is not a very well understood disorder, and can be [...]

10 Tips: The Perfect Nail Trim For Your Dogs

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  It's no big secret, most dogs don't like getting their nails trimmed. Many dogs, especially dogs that might be on the spoiled side, will do everything they can to keep you from clipping their nails. We recommend gathering up a little bit of patience, a lot of treats, and this list of tips. If [...]

Dog Breeds and Behavior: Are they intricately linked?

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  When this topic came across my desk to write for the DogBoy’s blog, I was very excited. This is a heavily discussed topic among professionals and the public alike, and it also frequently appears in the media. Back in November, I was lucky enough to attend the Pet Professional Guild’s very first Force Free [...]

10 Easy Steps to Give Your Dog (or Puppy) A Bath

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  Bath time with your puppy can be very stressful. It can be stressful for you, but it can be especially nerve wracking for your dog. There are several reasons for this: Some dogs don’t like getting wet. Some dogs won’t get in the tub. Some dogs had a bad experience with the tub previously. [...]

Fence Fighting with Neighbor Dogs: How & Why to Stop It

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  Fence fighting between dogs is one of the most common nuisance behaviors that I talk to dog owners about. A lot of owners will shrug it off, insisting that “they just want to play”. Sometimes, that is true. We see it out here sometimes: Dogs will engage in fence fighting ferociously along the fence. [...]