"Should I Neuter or Spay My Dog?" 5 Reasons to Say YES!

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Pet overpopulation is literally and figuratively a huge problem in the United States. Millions of adoptable pets are put down each year, and millions more flood animal shelters or live on the streets. Many of these animals are offspring of family pets that were unable to find homes. Neutering or spaying your dog is the best [...]

Color Card Policy Updates: What You Need To Know

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  Color Card Policy Update Effective June 1, 2016 Dear Dog Lovers, DogBoy's was created over 20 years ago so dogs could have a safe, fun place to play and board with other dogs. Recent changes in Austin, including the no-kill initiative (which we fully support!), have increased the numbers of orange and red card dogs we [...]

3 Life Skills EVERY Dog Needs To Know (Hint: This Helps You Too)

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  So your dog knows how to sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, and walk on a loose leash. That's great. Those are extremely important foundational behaviors that all dogs should know, especially when you ask them to. But, what about the behaviors that we'd love our dogs to perform on their own? [...]

What Kind Of Dog Should I Get?

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  This question gets asked a lot by friends and clients alike. The truth is, it’s a highly personal decision that requires careful consideration of many factors. Some of the factors to consider include your lifestyle, your level of activity, and what you're looking for in a canine companion. Here are a few tips that [...]

15-point Checklist You Need Before Getting A New Dog Or Puppy

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  1. How Much Time Do You Have For A Dog? Before getting a dog, make sure you have the time for one. You should have a clear idea of your family’s activity level, and how much time you have to dedicate to training and enrichment activities. Examples of enrichment activities with your dog include: [...]

10 Ways To Connect With A Dog You Love Daily

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  So, you love your dog, and your dog loves you. Actually, your dog thinks you’re the bee’s-knees. Here’s the problem: Your day to day sometimes gets too busy to always connect with your dog. We get this question a lot from our customers: “What are some ways to connect with my dog on a [...]

10 Easy Steps to Give Your Dog (or Puppy) A Bath

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  Bath time with your puppy can be very stressful. It can be stressful for you, but it can be especially nerve wracking for your dog. There are several reasons for this: Some dogs don’t like getting wet. Some dogs won’t get in the tub. Some dogs had a bad experience with the tub previously. [...]

8 Ways To Care For Your Elderly Dog

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  Many people think dogs have to be 12-13 years old  to be considered an “old dog”, but some dogs depending on their breed, weight, and other factors can be considered elderly as early as the age of seven. Great Danes, for instance, usually only live to be about seven or eight. So, a six-year-old [...]

Why Should I Use Puzzle Toys With My Dog?

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  Feeding time is a very important aspect of training our dogs that we often forget about. In most homes, dinner time is more of a missed training opportunity than anything else. But, let's face it, we don’t all have an hour to dedicate to using every single piece of kibble as a training treat. [...]

Pet or Partner? 38% of Americans Choose Their Dog Over Their Partner

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  As Americans, we are very proud of our independence, both as a nation and as individuals. So, it might not be that surprising that many dog-loving Americans have said, in a new poll, that they prefer their dog to their partner. The poll made a big splash on Huffington Post and other news outlets [...]