The 12 Dogs Of Christmas…in the Dog Park!

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  Last week, I shared my personal account of our 3rd annual "Christmas In The Dog Park" celebration. I also tried to encapsulate the ups and downs of small business ownership into a single blog entry. I could probably start my own entirely separate blog about that subject, however I think I wrote a pretty [...]

20 Years Of Owning A Small Business: The Ups & Downs

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  This past weekend, we celebrated our 20th anniversary of being in business at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch. Being owners of a mom-and-pop small business, especially if you live on the property, there are a lot of ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur. Over the course of 20 years, you tend to gain [...]

Dogsitting: Asking Your Friends & Family To Babysit Your Dog

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  It always seems like the easiest option for taking care of your dog when you are going out of town. Your friends or relatives who live close by already know your dog or puppy, so it just makes sense to have them babysit. Right? Maybe. It all depends on the situation, and the amount [...]

“What Happens If My Dog Gets Sick While Boarding?” An Owner’s Perspective

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  As a dog owner myself, I totally get the fear of your cherished puppy or dog falling ill when you have placed them in the care of a boarding facility. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? “I can’t do anything for my dog if that happens!” “How can I be sure the boarding [...]

What happens at DogBoy’s when the weather shuts down Austin, TX?

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  Texas Weather and Dog Boarding If it rains too hard, freezes at all, or, heaven forbid, we see some snowflakes, many people in Central Texas have a bit of a meltdown. Especially in Austin, where inclement weather is definitely the exception to the rule. So, when there is extreme cold weather, by Texan standards, [...]

3 Big Reasons Big Box Stores and Dog Boarding DON’T MIX

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  In one of my last posts, I talked about a customer who had a not-so-great experience with her dogs at a local Big Box store that competes with DogBoy’s Dog Ranch. I wanted to go further into her story, and why these types of chain stores are not a good decision for dog owners [...]

4 Reasons You Should Board Your Dogs Over Halloween

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  When it comes to holidays, our customers tend to board their dogs over the biggest travel holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, boarding a dog on Halloween seems to rarely cross anyone's mind. Halloween can be a nightmare for dogs. You might be thinking, "What? But Halloween is so fun! There's fun costumes. We [...]

A Fresh Perspective on Dog Care

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  The DogBoy’s difference is customer loyalty I wanted to take some time today to thank our customers, both human and canine, and our team. I had an experience that reaffirmed my belief that two key differences DogBoy’s Dog Ranch has over our competitors is customer loyalty and an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff. This [...]

4 Things All Dog Owners Need To Hear

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  This story begins like many of my days. I’m standing in the office and a customer comes in to pick up his dog who had been evaluated for the very first time. The dog was...we might call her an old Golden Retriever (breed changed to protect the innocent). She was a beautiful and very [...]

Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting – Which is Better?

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  Vacations are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but if you have a furry, four-legged friend a vacation could bring up a few problems. Dogs cannot always travel with their owners, and when this happens you have to start looking for someone to take care of your dog [...]