Dog-Friendly Date Ideas: Deep in the Heart of Texas | Dog Training

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Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA Concept by Courtney Emken Date nights (and days) are always so much fun!! But, what about those times when you want to bring the dog along too? We got you covered! Not only are these date ideas dog-friendly, but they can also be helpful training and [...]

What Group Class Should I Take With My Dog? | Dog Training

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Featuring Jen Larson, KPA-CTP & Courtney Emken Concept by Courtney Emken   Picking the right class for your dog can be overwhelming! DogBoy’s has all different kinds of classes and workshops that we teach, so knowing where to start can be challenging. We show you how to evaluate your dog’s social skills and abilities [...]

The 9 Weirdest Dog Laws in Cities Across the U.S.A

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Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA Concept by Courtney Emken The internet has all sorts of strange things to find when you plumb the depths. We decided to go on a hunt to find some really WEIRD dog laws. Check out some of the ones we found! You can't make this stuff [...]

8 Fun Canine Sports: How You Can Get Involved

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA With spring already upon us and summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time for you and your dog to get your game on! Canine sports are not only a great outlet for energy, but they provide a powerful opportunity to strengthen [...]

Is Fostering a Dog Right For Me?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott, CPDT-KA Sometimes you know you need a dog in your life, but aren’t sure whether you’re ready to adopt just yet. Adoption is an incredible commitment. You’re signing on to be an animal’s caretaker for the foreseeable future, and many of us simply aren’t [...]

How To Train For Nosework

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott. Last summer we talked about Agility training and other fun canine sports. This week we wanted to shed light on a less well known, but equally enjoyable activity: nosework. In this article we’ll cover the basics of training your dog’s nose and show you [...]

How To Play Tug The Right Way

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott. Tug is a timeless classic when it comes to dog games. Who knows how long man’s best friend has been playing tug, perhaps since the first time hunter and dog wrestled over a bone, only to find that they enjoyed it! [...]

Introducing DogBoy’s At Home – Dog Walking Services!

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By Courtney Emken Hello everyone, it’s your resident DogGirl here, and I’m proud to announce DogBoy’s brand new Dog Walking Services! We’ve been hard at work planning this newest venture, so join me as I walk you through the finer points and we’ll see which plan is best for your family. How It Works: The [...]

Things To Do With Your Dog Indoors

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP What does an ice-cold winter, a boiling hot summer, and a storm-filled spring all have in common? —You probably don’t want to take your dog outside during them! While this may seem like bad news, here’s how you can keep your dog fit and stimulated without ever [...]