Safe Dog Play: Set Your Dog Up for Success

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  Dogs are Social... Dogs are very social beings, not only with us but with other dogs as well. It’s important for our dogs to spend time with other dogs. By interacting with others, dogs get exercise, the ability to socialize, mental stimulation, and play can be just plain old fun. Dog parks allow us the opportunity to have our dogs off-leash, [...]

The Modern Rules of Austin Dog Parks

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   Don't you wish people knew how to behave at Austin dog parks?  So many times, you take your dog, hoping and planning on giving your dog a fun place to play, and then your experience is less than stellar. Your dog was behaving perfectly, but those other dogs were bullies, and nobody was doing [...]

It’s a Dog Party! DogBoy’s Dog Park Open House

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   You have been patiently waiting for a long time...and we are so grateful!  Noodle and I are SO EXCITED to invite you to our Dog Party! What:   DogBoy's Private Dog Park Open House It's a place where dogs can run and play and swim, with other dogs who like to run and play and [...]