How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA The urge to dig is a canine family trait. Wolves, foxes, and coyotes are all known to carve dens and hidey-holes across their territory. However, dogs don’t really act like wolves. So where does this compulsion to litter your yard with miniature foxholes [...]

My Dog Brought Fleas Inside: What Do I Do?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Bart Emken, CPTD-KA We’re quickly heading towards peak flea season here in Texas. Fleas thrive in hot and humid conditions; sound like our summers to you? As the temperature and precipitation steadily rise, dog owners need to be on guard for any and all signs of [...]

Should You Use A No Pull Harness? Or – How Do I Stop My Dog From Pulling?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott. Walking your dog provides an essential combo of play, exercise, and bonding that’s key for building a healthy canine relationship. Unfortunately, many owners dread the trip outside due to their dog’s excessive pulling and/or leash reactivity. To make matters worse, “balanced” trainers and big [...]

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Summer Heat

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott. It’s that time of year again! The temperature is soaring as the sun bears down on Austin, Texas. Despite the heat, many people want to take their dog outdoors for some quality exercise like hiking, walking, or running. Here’s how you [...]

The 5 Cues Every Dog Should Know

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott We’ve talked about tricks, easy training tips, and teaching your dog sports, but today we’re going to discuss cues that are essential to your dog’s safety and well being. Understanding and quickly answering these cues can sometimes be the difference between [...]

My Dog Had Puppies, What Do I Do?

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, & Amanda Ott DogBoy’s clients know that unless you are a reputable breeder, your dog shouldn’t be having puppies. Instead, they should be spayed or neutered. There are too many dogs dying in shelters and on the streets across the country, and we should [...]

How To Spot And Report Pet Abuse

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Bart Emken, CPDT-KA, Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP, and Amanda Ott We wish every dog could have a peaceful life with loving owners, but the unfortunate reality is that many dogs are neglected, ignored, and outright abused. We all have to be on alert for potential signs of abuse and know how [...]

The 5 Worst Dog Collars And Harnesses

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP In the past, we’ve discussed the dangers of retractable leashes, and why we hate choke chains. And today, we want to share our list of the absolute worst collars and harnesses. The list ranges from aversive tools no one should EVER use, to ineffective equipment owners should [...]

How To Make Sure Kids And Dogs Play Safe

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By​ ​Courtney​ ​Emken co-written​ ​by​ ​​Jen​ ​Larson,​ ​KPA-CTP As much as we love them, our kids and our dogs don’t always get along. It’s one thing to teach your child how to play with other children, and another thing entirely to teach them how to treat and safely play with a canine! Of course, many [...]

Are Rawhide Bones Safe For My Dog To Eat?

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By Courtney Emken co-written by  Bart Emken, CPDT-KA & Jen Larson, KPA-CTP Rawhides are one of the most popular dog treats on the market. You can find them in all the big-box pet stores, and many other pet-supply shops. Naturally, tons of owners assume this means these bones are completely harmless. Unfortunately, this isn’t the [...]