What’s Wrong with Retractable Leashes?

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  There are so many options for leashes out there these days. As you can imagine, we see the whole gamut, from nylong to leather to flexi-lead, or retractable leashes. Retractable leashes have become a very popular item, often out of convenience, for dog owners. At DogBoy's Dog Ranch, we are not fans of the [...]

Holistic Alternative Flea Prevention for Dogs

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I have been avoiding putting my dog on any type of conventional flea preventative for a while. I do not personally agree with the harsh poisons found in them. They do, after all, KILL bugs and are thus pesticides. I’ve had a very hard time rationalizing their use, especially since my dog has remained flea [...]

DogBoy’s Cares about Heat Stress in Dogs

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  We’re getting into the hottest part of the summer—the “dog days”—and the question I get more than any other at this time of year working the front desk is: “What do you do when it gets so hot to prevent heat stress in the dogs?” That’s a good question, especially since we’ve already seen [...]

DogBoy’s Dog Trainer teaches Dog Boys and Girls at Career Day

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  There were lots of little dog boys and dog girls at Graham Elementary this past Friday! Jon Campbell, Alice Akridge, client Mark Kay Bode, and I presented for Career Day the 3rd year in a row. Graham Elementary is a National Blue Ribbon School  which means they have shown significant improvements in students’ academic [...]