New App Dog Park Assistant – DogBoy’s Review

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  Here at DogBoy's Dog Ranch, we live and love dogs so much, and we are thankful every day that we get to do this job.  In the early days of DogBoy's, things where very different than now, but very much the same still.  We use to say that we "create wild-domesticated dog packs", meaning [...]

8 Tips for a Great Dog Park Visit at DogBoy’s

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  Visiting DogBoy's private dog park is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog. Whether visiting for a private reservation, or coming on the weekends as a dog park member, following these tips will help you have a safe visit and a fun time too! On Arrival:  Park in the Circle [...]

Xylitol – Great for Humans, Deadly for Dogs

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  Not unlike parents, any dog owner is going to quickly become familiar with things that are toxic to dogs because just like kids, dogs love getting into things that are bad for them. It’s just a fact of life. Most of us know, for instance, to keep things like baker’s chocolate, antifreeze, and poinsettia [...]

What’s Wrong with Retractable Leashes?

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  There are so many options for leashes out there these days. As you can imagine, we see the whole gamut, from nylong to leather to flexi-lead, or retractable leashes. Retractable leashes have become a very popular item, often out of convenience, for dog owners. At DogBoy's Dog Ranch, we are not fans of the [...]

Holistic Alternative Flea Prevention for Dogs

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I have been avoiding putting my dog on any type of conventional flea preventative for a while. I do not personally agree with the harsh poisons found in them. They do, after all, KILL bugs and are thus pesticides. I’ve had a very hard time rationalizing their use, especially since my dog has remained flea [...]

DogBoy’s Dog Trainer teaches Dog Boys and Girls at Career Day

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  There were lots of little dog boys and dog girls at Graham Elementary this past Friday! Jon Campbell, Alice Akridge, client Mark Kay Bode, and I presented for Career Day the 3rd year in a row. Graham Elementary is a National Blue Ribbon School  which means they have shown significant improvements in students’ academic [...]