How To Crate Train My Puppy

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  We’ve previously discussed why crates are like comfy caves for your dogs. Now we want to tell you how to properly crate train your puppy, so they fall in love with their little cave. Luckily, if you set the stage well and practice positive reinforcement, they’ll come to love it almost on their own! [...]

Treats Or Praise: What Does Your Dog Love More?

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  Have you ever wondered whether your pooch loves your praise or that tasty treat more? Well a recent study seems to suggest that it may be a soothing voice that your dog really wants. But is that all? Let’s take a look at what the study has to say.   The Study: Dogs May [...]

Evil Cage vs. Comfy Cave: 5 Reasons to Crate Your Puppy

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  Crates are “Comfy Caves” to your puppy, NOT the “Evil Cages” that they can be portrayed as. When crate training is done properly, there are tons of benefits it can provide for both dog and owner. While crate training may not work on the kids, here’s why you and your puppy will come to [...]

The Quick and Easy Guide To Agility Training For Dogs – Let’s Play!

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  Agility was created in 1977 by John Varley as a spectator sport intended to fill downtime at dog competitions. Now, Agility has its own world championship and is the fastest growing dog sport in the United States. While any sport might seem intimidating at first, Agility is much easier to get into than you’d [...]

The 5 Easiest Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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  Teaching your dog new tricks is fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding. Training your dog is also the first step towards building a strong human-dog bond Here’s our guide for tricks that any beginner can teach. These are the building blocks of basic obedience and more. #1 Sit Sit is one of the first words [...]

Dog Training Classes: 4 Factors To Consider

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  At DogBoy’s we offer a wide variety of training types, including, but not limited to: Private lessons Group classes In-house training One night workshops With so many options to choose from, it can be a little daunting to determine which type of dog training is the best fit for you and your dog. Here’s [...]

How To Fall In Love With Your Dog AGAIN

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  Bonding with your dog happens through training almost automatically. So, I thought writing this would be a cinch. However, after thinking through how our clients approach training, I realized a lot of dog owners and dog lovers get caught up in the how of training and not the why. It’s understandable, because we think [...]

3 Rules For Giving Your Dog Treats

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  It may be tempting to toss your dog a treat when you just want to show them some love. Unfortunately, if your dog isn’t working for their treat, then you’re missing out on valuable training time. Even worse, your dog may begin to expect treats and develop unwanted demanding behavior. Here’s our motto for [...]

Choose Wisely: 3 Easy Steps to Picking the Right Dog Leash

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  Leashes are a necessity if you're a dog owner. Choosing the right leash is nearly as important as making sure you are feeding your dog the right food or getting them the right training. Almost every dog I know will chase anything new and exciting that moves, if given the opportunity. Sometimes that adorable [...]

5 Easy Ways To Prep Your Puppy For The Real Big World

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  You just got your brand new puppy, and you’re dying to show them off. Good news! Your puppy is excited too! They are curious about their new world and ready to explore. However, we all know the “real world” can be a dangerous place for a new puppy. Here’s our guide for making your [...]