First Impressions: How To Safely Introduce Yourself To A New Dog

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  Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression. This counts just as much for our canine friends as it does for other humans. Just like us, dogs are social creatures. We need to know how to make a polite greeting for them too. Here’s how to ensure you don’t go [...]

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm This Winter?

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  Dogs and humans are different. That’s a no brainer. I mean, just look at them! Most people, especially dog owners, understand that dogs act differently, think differently, and have completely different needs than we do. However, when it comes to warmth we might treat our pets more like people and less like dogs. Here’s [...]

Top 5 Easy Dog Treats For Halloween

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  DogBoy's Top 5 Halloween Dog Treats: The ingredients in these treats are safe for your dog in these quantities. In case you’re thinking of adding your own touches, be sure to check our toxic food list and diet guide! Frozen Candy Corn Ingredients: 1 - 1 ½ cups plain non-fat yogurt 1 - 2 [...]

How To Combat Common Pet Odors

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  Typically, a stinky pooch just needs a good bath to smell good again. However, many odors that dog lovers deal with on a daily basis are more difficult to remove, such as: Urine stains Dog breath Ear infection Skunk spray This post will discuss how to eliminate these lingering odors, instead of just concealing [...]

Why Does My Dog Need Heartworm Control?

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  No dog is safe from heartworms. It may sound sensational but any dog can get heartworms, and Texas is among the top ten states for heartworm infections. It is imperative that you understand how heartworms are transmitted, and how to protect your pet from them. What Causes Heartworms? Heartworms are caused by infected mosquitoes [...]

4 Things Humans Do That Drive Dogs Crazy

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  Humans do a lot of things that just drive dogs insane. We try to make our dogs act like humans, BUT they’re dogs. They won’t act, think, or be like humans anytime soon. So, it’s important for all of us to learn how they think, and be able to speak their language. Get ready [...]

Evil Cage vs. Comfy Cave: 5 Reasons to Crate Your Puppy

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  Crates are “Comfy Caves” to your puppy, NOT the “Evil Cages” that they can be portrayed as. When crate training is done properly, there are tons of benefits it can provide for both dog and owner. While crate training may not work on the kids, here’s why you and your puppy will come to [...]

The Right Way To Combat Fleas, Ticks, And Mosquitoes

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  For dogs, parasites are just a fact of life. Even owners of indoor dogs aren’t safe from these persistent invaders. While it may seem like there’s no getting around these pests, you can definitely take steps to keep your dog safe. Here’s our recommended methods for preventing fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes from pestering your [...]

How To Hike Safely With Your Dog: 8 Tips

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  Hiking with your dog is a great way to exercise, explore, and enjoy nature. Whether you were inspired by some awesome pictures of dogs camping, or just want to try something new that your dog will enjoy, here are some tips for how to hike safely with your dog. #1 Bring Enough Water For [...]

Risks & Rewards: Should I Get My Dog MicroChipped?

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  Microchipping your dog can be the determining factor in whether your dog comes home safely after being lost. However, we know there’s a lot of hesitation that comes with putting your dog through any kind of invasive procedure. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to microchip your dog, this guide will [...]