Tweets from 2010-07-18

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  Come to "Charity Dog Wash" Saturday, July 24 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Treat your dog to a spa day on Saturday,... #   Come to "Charity Dog Wash" Saturday, July 24 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Treat your dog to a spa day on Saturday,... #      

A Very Doggie Playlist

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  id="attachment_264" align="alignleft" width="235" caption="Dogs like Music too!" Every summer has its soundtrack, and people have been making their own summer mixes ever since home recording became affordable. What better way to celebrate the “dog days” of the Summer of 2010 than to make your very own dog-themed mix CD or playlist? Here [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-27

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  Watching the sun rise with client Benson Kieson — at Rocking B Stables #   Photo: Benson is my new buddy! — at Rocking B Stables #   Charlie in Charm School today! Barbie Jeep + Kid = ULTIMATE PUPPY SOCIALIZATION!!! #   Hangin' with my peeps! — at DogBoy's Dog [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-20

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  Maty is resting so peacefully after her massage today. #   It's a good day for swimming in the pond! #   Pasha wants someone to chase her but Conan's too busy cooling off pond. #   I liked a YouTube video -- DogBoy's Dog Ranch #   I favorited [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-13

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  You want GREEN?! DogBoy's new solar panels made 1996 KWH in April/May and (this is the good stuff) we only used 1112. #   Sadie Gibbons was an angel while Rebecca and Kelly worked on dog-to-dog pass-bys today at Charm School! #   Sadie was an angel today at Charm School! [...]

Tweets from 2010-06-06

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  DogBoy is home this holiday weekend taking care of his sick puppies(both kids) and wife. They all have the strep.... #   Great advice for disaster prep for pets - #      

Tweets from 2010-05-30

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  Chelsea gets some "Me Time" while being evaluated with her sibling Lance. Thanks for the reminder of how much I... #   just joined FourSquare. It's pretty cool! Who wants to be the Mayor of DogBoy's? #   Petting Puppies! — at DogBoy's Dog Ranch #   Photo: — at DogBoy's [...]

Tweets from 2010-05-23

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  is mentioned once again in the ABJ! Yeehaw! #   Charlie Bear's 1st day at Chelsea's Charm School! #   Charlie's 2nd day at Chelsea's Charm School and he rocked today!! He's also a student in Marcella's Thursday night... #      

Tweets from 2010-05-16

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  Dylan is our 1st training daycare client! #   Jack posing for the camera! #   Bob and his soulful eyes #   "Did you just meow at me?!" #   Tune in to Fox 7 (Good Day Austin) Wednesday at 7:45am to see DogGirl talk about our new Training [...]