Featuring Courtney Emken & Blake Jackson
Concept by Courtney Emken

Digestive health is something that is important for humans and animals. We talk with Blake Jackson, owner of Rogue Pet Science, about their wholistic approach to dog digestive health and their product origins among many other dog health topics. Check it out!

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– Alright, hey everybody. I’m Courtney here from DogBoy’s and we’re here with Blake from Rogue Pet Feed and today I wanted to have Blake tell us a little bit about this awesome product that they carry called Origins. So Blake, tell me a little bit about Origins and what’s in it.

– Awesome, so Origins is our supplement. It’s a wholefood topper and it does gut health as a system. The reason why we created Origins was we needed a product that could be easily implemented and was cost effective to help dogs. And so this is something that an owner can take and just add to their dog’s food. It helps them digest their dog’s food better and it gets them all their probiotic, pre bod, the digestive enzymes and the butyric acid that they need to really address the system as a whole. And with that whole systems approach, we’re actually able to impact the health of the animal.

– It’s an amazing product. I mean, just with my own dogs, they have really thrived on it but I just wanna know a little more about how you guys got into that business and why it’s so important for dogs.

– Sure, so the story behind how Rogue started and how Origins came about is really Nate and I, Nate is our scientist and founder and we actually met at the gym and so it’s your kinda classic bromance story. We started out lifting weights together and then we quickly realized we had both had actually adopted dogs at the time in Galveston. Everything we do, we take it way too far and Nate was actually training for Strongman at the time. I ended up training for body building in our own personal fitness endeavors and then with the dogs, we kinda took the same route. We started looking at nutrition for our dogs and how we could get more out of the dogs. We were doing everything back then like trying raw and olive oil, and we would see good improvements by making these changes to dog food ’cause clearly there was something there, there was something missing and so Nate went back to school. He went to grad school, A&M and he got further into the animal feed world. He started working with the largest production animal facilities globally, and he started consulting with them on feeding strategies and herd health strategies. And he quickly saw that they had a very systematic approach to health and it all started with the health of the animals starting in the gut. He started looking back at the dog food thing going well no wonder there’s a problem and he looked at how dog food was made and was like this is where there’s an opportunity. There’s really an opportunity to improve on this. Overtime, he started working with different working dogs to begin with ’cause our own heart was in performance and so with the combination of the probiotic, the pre bod, the digestive enzymes and butyric acid and then the highly digestible wild fish that he sourced. We started seeing some improvements that we knew were possible from the production animal world happening with dogs. And that’s when we knew that we were on the right track. Yeah, this allows owners to be able to implement raw level nutrition. The digestibility is truly equal to raw or feeze dried for pennies a day.

– That’s great. And the main protein in it is, you said it’s a type of fish?

– Yeah.

– What type of fish is it?

– It’s a menhaden species of fish. It’s a wild caught fish that eats a wild diet. Super high in omegas. We do source that direct so we have full traceability on the ingredients. The place that manufactures us fish, this is the only thing they make. So they’re not processing other animals in that facility or making HEB salads around the corner or something like that. All they do is make this fish, and so we don’t have to worry about any weird contamination happening with it.

– The other thing that was interesting to me is that it’s not only a sustainable fish but it’s a type of fish that if you didn’t fish it in the wild then it would actually be considered like the weed of the fish world. Like it would over populate and there would be too many of them.

– Yeah, one female can lay up to like 400,000 eggs each year and so they actually pull out about 450,000 tons at this one facility and process it and they’re not even touching the schools, populations. So it’s very sustainable because the fish is small and it eats a phytoplankton diet, it’s super high in omegas. This is actually one of the species of fish they use for making human grade fish oil.

– Oh wow!

– Yeah.

– That’s wonderful! Well I know I’ve used it with my own dogs. My older dog, Rebel has a lot of skin problems, he’s got some funky stuff on his head right now like a bacteria but this is really helping it go away faster and keeping it a bay so it’s been great for my dogs.

– Awesome. Yeah, regrowing hair and getting rid of allergies is something we’re getting to be known for so a lot of it stems just from increasing digestibility but that fish oil does a ton for inflammation and set things straight.

– Tell me a little bit about the famous breed line that’s come through, not necessarily who the famous dog is but I know you guys have been working with dogs who were having problems getting pregnant and that this made a big difference for those dogs.

– Yeah, so the gut’s really impacts all systems of the dog. It impacts all health of the dog when done correctly. And so because of the science that Nate had access to that show that you’re able to impact reproduction in production animals with this strategy, we knew it would happen with dogs and so we already had many reports of older dogs coming back into heat well passed where they should be 12, 14 year old dogs coming back into heat so we knew it was working and we got connected because of that with a very famous line of Collies. We won’t name the Collie but I’m sure you can guess. We worked with their vet directly and so the vet, the first thing we had to do is we had to make sure there wasn’t a genetic problem that was keeping the dog from being able to have a litter of puppies. And after we had that test and everything was good on the genetic side, we implemented the Origins and it was simply just add this to the dog’s diet. There was no other changes made. The vet that manages that dog did all the blood draws and sent it off to our lab in Houston to have it checked out and quickly saw that we were actually making improvements that they don’t see. And so she was very excited by that and offered to help us more. So we had a completely unsolicited opportunity to have a vet pick out some dogs, preexisting health conditions, altered, unaltered, and actually do a real world study with Origins so we were able to complete that. The data’s back in. They looked at four different biomarkers. We were able to help with all of them just by adding this to a dog’s diet and in 30 days we had improvements in all areas of anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, reproduction, and metabolic markers.

– Wow.

– Yeah.

– That’s just, that’s amazing results. And the thing that I think a lot of people don’t know. We have a lot of people who come in whose dogs have a lot of health problems, and I used to be able to say, oh well you need to change the dog’s diet and the health problems will go away but what we’re finding is that changing the diet isn’t fixing a lot of these problems and you’re the first person that, you and Nate are the first people that I’ve ever heard of who really know why that’s happening. Why is it that good quality, high end, expensive dog foods aren’t doing the trick of getting rid of dogs with allergies and skin conditions and things like that?

– Yeah, this is all thanks to Nate really understanding the processes and what’s happening to the molecules in the food as it goes through the process. So we have a lot of really well-intentioned pet food companies that realize there’s a deficit with dog food. Their solution right now is to try to pick better ingredients and put it into a system that basically is gonna end up making it not available. I don’t think they’re doing it unintentionally or anything with any malice or anything, I think it’s just this is the system we use and they’re just turning to the same system trying to fix the problem the way they can. What’s happening is when you take ingredients, even if you remove all the grain and you put it through extrusion, you’re using pressure and heat to cook it and it ends up getting cooked three times as it go through the process of extrusion. Well, the interesting thing about that is that every time you cook it and pressurize it you’re creating more bonds. And so now you’ve removed all the grain, but now you’ve created a heavily bonded ingredient list that looks just like grain to a dog.

– Right, so even if it’s grain-free it’s still, it’s so difficult for the body to break it down that it acts like a grain.

– Yeah, because dogs only make the enzymes to break down fat and protein. They don’t actually make the enzymes necessary to break down heavily bonded stuff like grains and so now you’ve removed the grain and then you’ve created something that looks just like grain. So Origins allows you to get more of that product out of the dog’s diet and also provides all of the enzymes that will allow them to break down grains so that they can deal with that better. And so you end up having less of an immune response and that’s one of the ways that we’re able to help with allergies. And that’s not just food allergies, that’s all allergies.

– Seasonal allergies too.

– Yeah, seasonal and everything because the higher the amount of immune response that’s going on with the dog, the sooner all the allergies show up whether they’re environmental or food related.

– Right. Oh, that’s great. So basically everything that your dog should be getting out of good quality food but isn’t.

– Right.

– Wow, well thank you so much for joining us today, I really appreciate having you on.

– Yeah, thanks for having us out. We’re glad to have y’all representing the product.

– Alright, well if you want more info about Origins, come see us at DogBoy’s. We’d love to tell you more about it.