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Boarding Add Ons

Add On Menu:

Add on a few special items to make your dog’s stay that much more fun!

HenryNight Walk | $15
One last nighttime walk for those who are used to nighttime potty breaks.

Tuck In Service| $18
Brush out, gentle massage, nighttime treat and a short story read by a staffer.

Night walk/Tuck In Combo | $25
Late night walk combined with all the Tuck In services – makes for one tired pup!

Cookie Break | $2 each
Healthy snack for your best friend (up to 3x daily)

Dental Chew | $3 each
Healthy dental stick (up to 1x daily)

Facebook Shout Out | $5 each
We’ll post a photo of your dog having fun at the Ranch on Facebook to share online (up to 1x daily)

Solo Hike/Playtime With a Staffer | $20 each
One-on-one time with a staffer for an extra hike, cuddle time, or to play fetch; Includes Facebook Shout Out
(up to 1x daily, not available on drop off or pick up day)