Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken

Date nights (and days) are always so much fun!! But, what about those times when you want to bring the dog along too? We got you covered! Not only are these date ideas dog-friendly, but they can also be helpful training and socialization for your dog as well!


– Hey Court.

– Hey Bart.

– I figured since we are such a datey couple that we should talk about date stuff we can do with the dogs or ideas for people since the weather is going to be cooling off.

– Yeah that sounds great. I have a few ideas.

– Okay, what do you got?

– I would say, I would love to go to a concert in the park with my dog.

– Yeah, and those are easy to find via the web or in the newspaper. I know Pflugerville does a lot of stuff.

– It would need to be outside park.

– Yes.

– Not an indoor amphitheater or anything like that.

– No.

– So the great thing about a concert in the park or going to an outdoor movie theater or having a picnic and apart with your dog is that you have that blanket and that big bubble of space so the dog gets to be close to you, get lots of treats, food, and other goodies, and at the same time they’re seeing all the things that otherwise they might be barking at but they’re so focused on you, and getting that benefit and treats that they’re just, it helps desensitize them to all those other stimuli that would otherwise be causing them a lot of anxieties. So you get the big bubble, they get a lot of space and they still get to be with you and have a good time.

– Another good place is going to farmer’s markets. Every city, generally, has a farmer’s market. It’s really good because one, their really spread out, two, it’s a good place for dogs to interact with multiple people. Generally there’s food so the dogs might associate positive experience with that. There might be some other dogs. There are places to get away from the crowds if they need to get away from the crowds. And you can shop and get farm fresh produce.

– Yay!

– And homemade soaps.

– I’d really like to take our dogs shopping, maybe someplace like the Domain or something like that.

– Yeah.

– Where we can just be outside and around other people and dogs.

– Yeah. The Domain actually, a bunch of the stores have dog food or dog water bowls outside their stores, so that’s a good place.

– And if you worried about crowds, weekdays would be a really good time to go because they’re really not that busy on weekdays.

– And there’s a bunch of outlet malls. or where they’re outdoors, so the dogs are free to come and go.

– Yeah.

– One thing we like to do is go for ice cream with the dogs. Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, all of their stores, not all of the stores, a lot of their stores allow dogs on the borch, borch, parch, porch.

– On the patio.

– On the patio! That’s my Daffy Duck moment. Some places have a dog friendly ice cream.

– And Amy’s is one of them.

– Again it’s everybody’s relaxed and happy and its a good socialization place for your dog, cause there’s kids and people in hats, and fan going. Cars maybe close by, its a lot of good distractions, and it would be a good place to work your dog as well besides just enjoying an ice cream.

– Yeah.

– I bet you’d like to take a dog to a vineyard.

– I would love that!

– It’s a date.

– It’s a date! Where do I get my wine glass?

– There are

– How fast can we get there?

– Literally dozens and dozens of vineyards.

– Yes, central Texas is full of them. And some of them, probably most of them are dog friendly, outdoors.

– Yeah, a lot of them have tasting rooms that are outdoors. We’ve been to a couple. Without the dogs.

– Without the dogs, but now we need to take the dogs so that’s a good reason to go back.

– Yeah.

– Yeah. Lets have some wine. Cheers!