Testimonials from Training Clients

Here’s what our happy clients have to say:

“The trainers, especially Jen and Amanda, treat my dog like their own.  I worry that one day she’ll just decide she’d rather live with one of them.  I never have to worry if she’s happy or safe, and her days at DogBoy’s make her a healthier dog – emotionally and physically.   Thank you for providing such a high level of care!” -Vicki B. with Riley, June 2017

“Jen and  Amanda  are kind, accommodating and knowledgeable. Macy loves going to the Training Center for classes and Wellness daycare.  I feel comfortable and confident that Macy will not only have a fun day but that she is in a safe environment at DogBoy’s.  The staff is always willing to give me a full report about Macy’s day and always ask if there is anything special going on with her as she is dropped off for the day.  Macy comes home a very happy, pooped puppy. The positive training has been a great experience for Macy and my family.  Macy started Puppy Class when she was 10 weeks old.  It was a safe place for her to learn and socialize with other puppies.  Macy moved on to The Basics Class to learn manners and more importantly teach me how to be a good trainer. Jen and Amanda have been patient and very knowledgeable about canine behavior and shaping.  I love that we not only have our class time but that the handouts cover detailed instructions, things to practice at home and additional information. Jen has gone out of her way to assist my family as Macy grows and becomes a well behaved member of our family.  My hopes are to get Macy ready for Therapy Dog Service training and she is getting a great foundation. I can’t say enough positive things about the Training Staff and services at DogBoy’s!  Thank you Jen…….You are the BEST!” -Jane H. with Macy, June 2017

“Three years ago when we adopted our wonderful GSD, Ava, we had no idea what challenges lay ahead.  If it had not been for the amazing training staff at DogBoy’s, we could not have met those challenges.  Our story would have turned out differently and our sweet and loving Ava would not be the girl she is today. Ava was 1-1/2 years old when we adopted her as a rescue.  Her previous owner was a young man, William, who had committed suicide.  We vowed to do right by this young man we never met, but who had clearly been kind to his dog. At 1-1/2 years old, Ava had learned the “sit” and “shake” commands but not much else, and she was extremely reactive.  Walking her on leash presented a huge challenge since she would bark and lunge at dogs, people, and even objects. The DogBoy’s training staff helped us understand Ava’s behaviors – that they were fear-based and not aggressive.  More importantly, they gave us the skills to manage and re-direct her behaviors.  The individual training sessions, written instructions, and group classes we attended were instrumental in teaching us what to do for Ava.  While I can’t say we are perfect, we now have a dog that we can walk, who knows much more than basic commands, and who loves to play “find it”.  Ava has also grown more self confident and I truly believe she is a happy girl.  Our biggest challenge now is how to keep up with her amazing intellect and her drive to learn and work.  She is awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you to DogBoy’s training staff, and to all the good folks at DogBoy’s.  Where would we be without you.  You rock.” -Debbie B. with Ava, June 2017