By Courtney Emken

Hello everyone, it’s your resident DogGirl here, and I’m proud to announce DogBoy’s brand new Dog Walking Services! We’ve been hard at work planning this newest venture, so join me as I walk you through the finer points and we’ll see which plan is best for your family.

How It Works: The DogBoy’s Dog Walking Process

For now, dog walking services will be limited to Pflugerville clients only, mid days Monday through Friday. Once we master our craft, we’ll branch out to other zip codes and times.

Prior to your first dog walking appointment, our team will meet you in the comfort of your home for a consultation. During this meeting we’ll answer any and all questions you might have and discuss your dog’s specific preferences/needs. Afterwards, we’ll work with you to arrange a walking schedule that works well for you and your pup. You’ll give us two keys to keep safely on hand in a locked cabinet, or we can make arrangements for a lock box at your home.

On the DogBoy’s website you’ll find a quick breakdown of the three specialized dog walking plans. Prices listed are for mid-day walks, Monday through Friday only. The times listed are per visit. The length of the walk will depend heavily on their particular needs and what the weather permits. A 30 minute visit may consist of a long walk, or a short walk with snuggle time on the couch, it’s all up to you!

Once your initial home consultation is completed, you’ll have access to online reservations. Using this platform, you will be able to reserve walk sessions ahead of time and without calling in to schedule an appointment. We highly recommend you consider saving some cash by purchasing multiple walks on a punch card- just ask us for the details!

For walks with a purpose, consider our “Working Walks” which are done by our reward-based dog trainers, and only cost $15 extra per visit. We can work on loose leash walking, so you see improvements when you take your own walks! Each DogBoy’s dog walk will be tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

We also recommend investing in a front clip harness for your dog if you don’t already own one. Some of our favorites include:

We have plenty of these harnesses in stock and can provide one for your dog at a competitive price. We’ll even ensure a custom fit so your pooch can be as comfortable as possible during their walk.

We hope that one day we can offer this service to clients across the greater Austin area, but for now we’re going to start close to home and work our way out. If you’re interested in getting your dog good and walked, contact us to see if you’re in our area of availability. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Courtney Walking by DogBoy’s Dog Ranch

Afternoon Walk by keifer.miller