Featuring Courtney Emken & Bart Emken, CPDT-KA
Concept by Courtney Emken
Who doesn’t love dog movies? We put together a list of the BEST 10 dog movies–at least the ones we love. Check it out!
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– So everybody and their mother has a list of their top favorite dog movies. But I want to share our top favorite dog movies. These are our top 10 favorite dog movies.

– Movies that moved our lives.

– That’s right, that’s right. I grew up with a Sheltie, so I was always really attracted to all the Lassie shows when I was a kid, and then as I grew older, Lassie became a movie. And I just remember Lassie was always the one that saved the day. And I just thought that was just the best thing, that a dog could be so important that she could save a kid’s life or pull Timmy out of the well, or who knows what.

– Saw that movie, I don’t know how many years ago, it’s old.

– 20 years ago.

– 20 years ago maybe. A long time ago and we still quote a line from it, which is.

– No, never.

– No, never.

– You just gotta see the movie.

– Yeah.

– There’s funny parts, and there’s sad parts, and there’s a couple parts that are really, upset you at some point. Skip gets really injured by a mean, a mean man, but in the end, I think he comes out victorious, so it’s definitely a good movie and very heartwarming to watch.

– It’s a really good movie. It’s got a sweet story. There’s a cat. But the cat kind of brings it all together, so it’s a nice story that cats and dogs can get along. So I grew up, Saturday mornings, Froot Loops and Scooby-Doo.

– Yeah, me too.

– I love Scooby-Doo. So later when they came out with the Scooby-Doo movies, it wasn’t like a, I gotta see that, that’s gonna be an Oscar nod. But I had to see it. I had to watch it just because it was Scooby-Doo and I was like, how are they gonna do a cartoon dog, and you know how’s it gonna be set up?

– Make it a movie.

– But the guy that does Shaggy, zoinks. He does a really good Shaggy.

– Scooby-licious.

– Yeah. Tom Hanks, say no more. And then a giant, slobbering mastiff. I remember being dragged to go see it, but wasn’t really wanting to be there. But it turned out to be a pretty good movie. I think we saw it together.

– That’s just a movie that just really warms my heart. ‘Cause two dogs falling in love, I mean, who doesn’t love that? But at one time we had a movie night here at DogBoy’s, and we let the customers come and bring their dogs and we all had blankets, and we all watched Lady and the Tramp together, and we served spaghetti and meatballs, so it was a pretty special night for everybody. Best in Show. This is the, one of the best dog movies I’ve ever seen because you really get a feel for what the show dog scene is like. You’ve really never met people that are as special as show dog owners. Whether it’s the people that show the dogs or whether it’s the people that own the show dogs, which usually isn’t the same person, but just the way they talk to their dogs, and the way they dress their dogs, and the way they’re just really nit-picky with each other and backstabbing, like it is hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a dog movie in my whole life.

– Over the years of working with people and their problem dogs, a lot of the stuff the dog did was pretty spot on. So it was fun to watch this dog wreak havoc in this couple’s life over the years. Just really a really good movie. Great story and fairly well acted by the dog.

– So back when Marley and Me came out, we had a client who had a yellow lab, let’s say his name was Lewis, and she was so moved by Marley and Me, that she actually changed her dog’s name to Marley after it was three-years old. Now that dog walker would say, just call him Lewis. That’s what his name is, that’s what he goes by. She calls him Marley, just call him Lewis. So that’s what we did. We called him Lewis. But his name in parentheses was Marley. Because that’s what she wanted. But you don’t change a dog’s name after you’ve had him for three years. We can’t leave this list without talking about Isle of Dogs.

– Isle of Dogs. The feel of the movie is different than anything I’ve seen.

– Yeah, it’s really special.

– The Japanese boy who’s looking for his dog, he speaks Japanese the entire time and you have no idea what he’s saying. So it’s sort of like what he’s emoting is what you feel.

– And you realize like that’s what the dogs hear. You know, they don’t know what they’re hearing either, but they can tell what a person’s saying based on their emotion. Do you love dogs? Because I love dogs.

– I love dogs.