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Group Classes, Workshops & Special Events.

We offer a complete schedule of training classes from puppy training to focused behavior modification to specialized and fun sport training classes. All classes are taught by our team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers using cutting edge, force free training methods. We believe dog training should be FUN and we are committed to helping you build a GREAT RELATIONSHIP with your dog. Please review our class and workshop options listed and feel free to call the office if you have any questions about which class is right for you. 

Confessions of a Training Junkie

"Yes, I must admit it, I just can't seem to let a "semester" go by without taking another training class at DogBoys Dog Ranch! As one class draws to a close, I eagerly scan the website for new postings and opportunities to bond and train with my dogs. We've taken puppy classes, basic and advanced obedience, and fun classes like agility and rally-obedience. When I jokingly told the director of training that I was running out of classes, I promptly found fresh offerings to consider. They LISTEN at DogBoys! I drive 40 minutes each way to go to DogBoys because I believe there is no better place to take my "kids", whether for training, overnight boarding, or day care. Go DogBoys!"

– Carole Cameron (Bear, Koko, Shaman and Dakota)


Totally Puppy! - Convenient and Essential...

 Join DogBoy’s Puppy class as soon as you get your new puppy. You can start any Wednesday or Saturday and attend the next five consecutive weeks to cover all the topics, but please remember to sign up before your first class!

Our six week rotating class helps get puppies and owners off to the right start. Class covers how to best communicate with your puppy, gets you started on basic obedience and tackles common puppy issues. Organized training classes also provide an opportunity for your pup to socialize with other dogs & people.

For puppies 8 to 22 weeks of age; puppies need to be 16 weeks or younger when they start class. We also require a Puppy Vaccination Waiver.

Watch the Video!

Exposing our puppies to the world without all their vaccinations is always a concern, but we feel that the benefits of socializing our healthy puppies in a safe environment far outweigh the risks. Please read the following link to learn more:

Meets every Wednesday
Time:  7pm
Cost: $225 for 6 consecutive weeks (excluding holidays)
** After six classes, if you'd like to continue, it's only $30/class.
Trainers:  Lydia Yancey, CPDT-KA, Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA , Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA

Meets every Saturday
Cost: $225 for 6 consecutive weeks (excluding holidays)
** After six classes, if you'd like to continue, it's only $30/class.
Trainers:  Lydia Yancey, CPDT-KA, Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA, Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA


Foundations Classes - Essential Canine Life Skills 

DogBoy's Foundations Classes are essential for those who want to grow closer to their dog, learn how they think, and teach their dog the basic life skills he/she will need to function successfully in a human world. Our Foundations classes are FUN and will teach you how to train your dog using positive, reward based methods. You will also receive assistance with patience skills and foundational concepts about canine body language and behavior. Designed for dog-friendly dogs five months or older, Foundations is the next step after puppy class, or if you've never taken any training classes at DogBoy's. Foundations Classes meet weekly, last 60 minutes and have a maximum of 6 dogs. All Foundations Classes are 6 weeks in length and are $225.

Foundations (Indoors)

Date: Sundays, November 1 to December 20 (no class Novemeber 29 or December 6)
Time: 11am
Trainer: Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA

Focused Weekly Classes 

Out & About

Do you wish your dog could go everywhere with you? Are you looking for the type of dog that can walk nicely down SoCo and hang at a coffee shop? The dog that can go shopping with you? Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP, has been training “cool Austin dogs” for over a year now, and she wants to pass that knowledge along to you and your dog! This four week class will focus on developing your current skills and applying them to real world situations with your dog. The class will meet at locations around town so that you and your dog can start learning in real life situations. Locations will be decided the week prior, and most will be outdoors.

Date: Saturdays, November 7 to December 12 (no class November 14 or 28)
Time: 10am
Cost: $175
Trainer: Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA

Focused Workshops

Intro to Disc Dog

CGC Workshop (Indoors)

Ever wondered if your dog has what it takes to be a Canine Good Citizen? In this two hour workshop you and your dog will practice all ten of the Canine Good Citizen test items and at the end of the class you will be able to take the actual test by one of our evaluators. The test items include behaviors such as stay, loose leash walking, coming when called, succeeding in a distracting environment, and much more! This class is the next step toward being confident in handling your dog in public. This workshop is also great for a dog that has already completed our Canine Good Citizen course and needs to retest or a dog that needs a good refresher on the test items. Dogs must have completed Totally Puppy!, Foundations, or have prior permission from the instructor in order to enroll in this workshop.

Date: Saturday, November 21
Time: 3-4:30pm
Cost: $60
Trainer: Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA

Leave it, Drop it, Off! (Indoors)

Undeniably, these are three of the most important behaviors for our dogs to know.  Don't pick that up, now that you have it, drop it, and get off that stranger!  This three hour workshop will focus on teaching your dog key impulse control behaviors and discuss how to apply them to your daily lives.  Leave it will include dropped items, items you come across on a walk, and items in your hand.  We will also teach a cue, 'take it,' to counter the leave it and drop it.  Off will teach your dog to get off people and counters alike.  Come and join us for an intense, and valuable, workshop!

Date: Saturday, November 21
Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $75
Trainer: Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA

Date: Saturday, December 19
Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $75
Trainer: Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA

Games Workshop (Indoors)

In this fun, two-hour workshop, we will go over many different games you can play with your dog. Some of these games include hide and seek, how to fashion an agility course with household items, hunting for treats, basic rules for playing tug with your dog and many more!

Date: Saturday, December 5
Time: 2-4:00pm
Cost: $75
Trainer: Kelly Webber, CPDT-KA

Click to Heel (Indoors)

In this 2-hour workshop, we will focus on teaching our dogs to reset themselves into heel position. Basically, this means when our dogs get ahead of us when walking, we can use a cue like “closer” to get them back to our side. This is a great skill for the real world. We also use a great brain game to develop this skill that’s great for hot, rainy or just plain lazy days. No prerequisites needed.

Date: Saturday, December 12
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $75
Trainer:  Lydia Yancey, CPDT-KA

Tricks Workshop (Indoors)

Tricks are a very fun way of working with your dog and doing something outside of the norm. Tricks are fun for us, for our dogs and are a great way for us to show off to friends and family. This 90-minute workshop will introduce you to some basic principles around training tricks, while learning a few new tricks in the process! This is a fun way to spend some time with your dog, and to get your dog’s brain working. Come and join us and have some fun.

Date: Saturday, December 12
Time: 5-6:30
Cost: $60
Trainer:  Meggan Porter, KPA-CTP CPDT-KA


Which Class is Right for You?

Have you taken a class somewhere else and not sure which class may be best for you? We recommend you start with Foundations Class. Our Foundations Class, taught by Certified Professional Dog Trainers, is behavioral-based and the starting point for our other classes. Our positive, relationship-building approach -- which includes guidance about setting up households, information about diet and insight into how our behavior affects our dogs' behavior --is fundamental to getting the most out of our advanced classes.

If you have taken classes elsewhere you'll have a head start in our Foundations Class, but it will still be challenging and rewarding for both you and your dog.  It's a great chance to polish your obedience skills before moving on to Social Skills, Distance Skills, Rally Obedience or any other class.


Contact our office for more information at 251-7600 option 2 or Because we keep our classes small, you are guaranteed more individual attention and instruction from our trainers. Classes fill up quickly so sign up as soon as you can.

Speak to a Trainer

Class Policies

Payment in full is due when you sign up for a class.

Class Size
Most classes require a minimum of 4 dogs for class to take place. In the event that you are signed up for a class with fewer than the minimum required dogs, class may be delayed or cancelled. If DogBoy's cancels the class, your payment will be refunded.

In the event you need to cancel, your payment is transferable until 72 hours before your first scheduled class. Within 72 hours of class, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. If DogBoy's cancels a class you will be refunded the entire amount or you may choose to transfer your money to another class or DogBoy's service.

Class Make-up
We understand circumstances happen that cause you to miss a session. We may be able to arrange your attendance in another class or you may schedule a make-up appointment with your trainer for $35. Please note that attendance is mandatory for the first session of Foundations Class and cannot be made up at another time.

For Foundations Class, it's been our experience that housemates do better when attending separate classes. For advanced classes, requests for housemates taking classes together will be considered on a case by case basis.

Weather Cancellations
Due to inclement weather we sometimes have to cancel class. If a session is cancelled, trainers will contact you approximately two hours before the class and an additional session will be added.

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