Horrible Things My Dogs Did and the One Thing I Learned


6610722883_795b8ac7b4_mThey say time heals all wounds.  “They” must be right because my dogs have done some pretty horrible things and created major havoc and chaos. Yes, havoc AND chaos, and yet today I look back and I have to laugh and tell the stories of how they shaped my view of the world we live in. It is funny how when something bad happens to you the first thing you do is go to anger, frustration or sadness or a combination of one or more of these violations to your emotional state.  In that moment, that very second, you cannot imagine how it will ever be ok and you will be better.  Like I said before, “time heals all wounds” so let’s see how long it would take YOU to heal from what my dogs did over the years to test me and how I am different because of it.

Case #109- It was a quiet crisp spring morning and a package of frozen chicken breasts with rib bones was thawing on the counter.  It was going to take a while before I could start the BBQ for the Sunday family brunch so I made a quick run to the corner store for some sauce and sides.  Upon my return I noticed that the chicken had appeared to walk away and so I asked my girlfriend, “where is the chicken?” “It is on the counter,” she passively replied. My mind turned to the dog. “Surely she could not reach it. Surely she could not take 4 whole, bone-in chicken breasts. Surely she could not eat them…whole…frozen…bones and all! Surely……”  I found her in the hall with the last one being choked down and she wagged her tail at me. Right to my face!

Case #213- Christmas was in the air.  Christmas Eve was finally here and this year we were going to have our very first (newly married) Christmas Eve fancy dancy dinner and we had spent a little cash to make it extra special and extra festive.  We had purchased an entire beef tenderloin, not one cut steak, but the entire thing.  I cannot recall the price, but if I recall, it was jingling around the $90 mark.  That’s a lot of tinsel. Again, we left for 10 minutes and again (a different dog) managed to take the whole thing and make it totally disappear.  No evidence, no crime…right? She thought so, but she didn’t know I would smell the suspicious red stain on her front right paw.  She did not wag her tail, but she did bat her eyes and roll over.

Case #83- It was summer and the windows were down, the stereo was tuned, the car was clean and I was cruising the open roads.  My dog was dancing in the back seat as was her practice on outings such as this.  Today was different though, she was not enjoying the ride and was not sticking her head out the window like normal.  She wanted my attention NOW.  She pushed my arm. She licked my ear.  She tried to get in the front seat.  She even barked at me!  On the third round of barks for her I noticed a change in the pitch and a not so pleasant smell. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” was my desperate plea, but alas it was too late.  The good news is that (sh)it wasn’t all liquid, but the bad news was the solid stuff was pushed down between the seats.  She only stared and blinked at me.

I have many, MANY more of these.  I smiled and laughed out loud as I recalled these past joys.  They have all caused me much dismay and, after a long time, they have brought me joy in the retelling.  Here is what I have learned over time.  Most of the bad things my good dogs have done were caused or helped by my lack of experience or lack of care.  I’ve learned that it is better to accept and laugh when such things happen instead of getting “bad” myself. Meeting a negative action with a negative reaction never equals a positive outcome.  In the moment, always look for the positive right then and there.  Finally, I’ve learned how much I miss all my old dogs and that I would trade all the bad things they did to have them all back now.

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