How To Combat Common Pet Odors


Pets don't always smell like roses, here's how to combat dog odor! Typically, a stinky pooch just needs a good bath to smell good again. However, many odors that dog lovers deal with on a daily basis are more difficult to remove, such as:

  • Urine stains
  • Dog breath
  • Ear infection
  • Skunk spray

This post will discuss how to eliminate these lingering odors, instead of just concealing them.  

My Dog Had An Accident And The Smell Won’t Go Away!

Almost every owner with a carpet will encounter this problem. You’ve cleaned the stain up, but the smell is still hanging around. This is because the pad beneath your carpet is also stained.

Pad stains are often twice as large as surface stains and will spread urine odor until treated. No matter how much air freshener you spray, that part of the carpet will keep smelling bad. What you need is a probiotic that will break down the enzymes in the urine.

At DogBoy’s, we like to use Nature’s Miracle because it destroys the source of the odor and removes the stain. It’s the best product we’ve used to date and it’s available at any pet store.

My Dog Has A Bad Case Of Doggie Breath, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Bad breath does not make a bad dog! Learn how to fight back against doggie breath! We are very experienced pet owners when it comes to bad breath. Noodle, our little Chiweenie, inherited terrible breath from both sides of his family. Even if you can’t eliminate bad breath, you can still take measures to reduce it, such as:

Brushing is the most direct way to combat bad breath, but it is time consuming. And even if you’re willing to put in the time, your dog may not be willing to put up with the brushing! Luckily, there are easier options available.

Chew toys and dental treats both entertain your dog and clean their teeth. Real bones, Greenies, and other hard, crunchy treats chip off tartar. Watch out for soft treats and wet food, these actually contribute to tartar and worsen dog breath.

Dental visits around every six months (this is a good habit for humans to keep too) go a long way towards keeping your dog’s breath fresh. They can also identify and treat periodontal diseases, which are one of the leading causes of bad breath.  

Ear Infections Cause Odors And Serious Complications

Ear infections are a common source of foul dog odor that can go undetected if you’re not being careful. They cause wax build-up, a sour smell, and when left untreated: hearing loss.

Watch out for excessive head-shaking. Head-shakes are a completely normal activity, but if you notice heavy repetition of them, especially coupled with smelly ears, then your dog probably has an ear infection.

Inspect the ears for discoloration or gunk. Healthy ears should be clean, but infected ears will be full of brown-black debris or have a distinct funky smell to them. If your dog has these symptoms, get them to a vet for antibiotics and some ear wash.

We often discover ear infections during bath time at the kennel. We clean every dog’s ears that gets a bath, and if we notice an infection we notify the owner immediately. We’ve even discovered a dog’s missing ear canal once! Regular check-ups at the vet also help with quick identification of infections.  

My Dog Got Sprayed By A Skunk, What Do I Do Now!?

Even a bath in the waters of Lake Minnetonka won't purify the smell of skunk. Skunks commonly wander into backyards and dog parks. Curious dogs will run right up to them and receive a direct spray of that lingering, nauseating odor.

If your dog gets sprayed, don’t let them into your home. Skunk smell will linger wherever the dog goes, and the furniture will have to be replaced if it becomes engrained. Keep them outside while you prepare to de-skunk them.

Regular bathing just won’t cut it for de-skunking your dog. There are tons of at home-remedies that work to varying degrees. Nature’s Miracle also has a skunk odor remover that you can keep on hand for emergencies.

If you have any questions about removing these or other doggie-smells, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’d love to share our best tactics for combating odors on the Ranch.  




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